Megalo Box Episode 1

Lord Hamelot has returned! Sorry I have been quite busy with streaming and the visual novel, but do not worry. “Why? BECAUSE I AM HERE!” Ohh crap, sorry that’s for the Boku No Hero Academia review.

Spring 2018 ANIME IS HERE! MUCH nostalgia this season SO WOW! Let’s get started shall we?

Megalo Box… I have no words, but this first episode was BEAUTIFUL. 10/10 would watch again. I don’t even know where to start. I guess we can start with the MC.mb1

This is Junk Dog. Junk Dog is his boxer name. You call him Junk Dog, his mechanic friend calls him Junk Dog and his “adviser” calls him Junk Dog. EVERYONE CALLS him Junk Dog. Geez even his signature is Junk Dog. *Spoiler* even by the end of the episode we don’t know his real name. Who knows maybe his real name is JOE.. Yabuki, Joe. I mean… Let’s move on shall we?

The story begins with Junk Dog who will be called JD from now on because I don’t feel like typing Junk Dog every time. Okay? Ok. Wonderful. JD rides his banged up motorcycle in the vast desert reflecting on what he’s doing with his life. “To stay down here or fight my way out.” From the looks of the the scene of a flashback JD has, you should already assume that he’s boxing in an “underground ring” where betting on fighters and rigged boxing matches are being held.mb2

Wait wait wait. This guy clearly has some machine on him. What is going on??mb3

Let me break it down for you (not like you really need me to break it down for you but for the sake of the review LET ME BREAK IT DOWN). This is the future of boxing because everyone is getting tired of regular boxing. So you wear a machine to enhance your performance and you duke it out with your opponent. This isn’t going to end very well. But its the FUTURE! “But Lord Hamelot, can’t you rig your gear to be stronger and faster than your opponent’s gear?” Good question, but that will be answered later on. mb4

We’re jumping straight into it, no need for brakes because the train has left! Megalo Box tournament, Megalonia. The tournament of tournaments. The World Series of future boxing. The I have no idea, I do not watch sports title.. But this tournament is a world wide tournament that goes beyond regions, beyond organizations, beckoning to any who claim to be the greatest fighter. Fighters will be competing all over the world to qualify for the main bracket, but only 4 can make it there. Megalonia has no restrictions on nationality, age, or qualifications. So we know where our MC will is probably thinking about participating, but there is one problem…JD doesn’t have a citizenship ID.mb5

At this time JD is waiting for his motorcycle and gear to be repaired by his mechanic friend. JD’s motorcycle is all banged up because during his reflection on life, he drives it off a cliff. Please pay attention to the road while you drive. Don’t be like JD.

After repairs are done to both the gear and motorcycle JD’s mechanic ask for a signature for the repair order and guess what JD signs on the paper. You’ve guessed it! Junk Dog. JD then asks how much for the repairs, but his mechanic tells JD that he came up on betting on a fight the other day. mb6


Confirmed, JD is being told to throw or win matches for money. Which isn’t all that surprising because of the fact that it looks like they all live in the slums. After hearing these two guys talk about throwing this next match, it surprises JD because he was going to take this upcoming fight seriously. This irritates JD due to the fact that he’s tired of throwing matches and not being able to fight the way he wants too.mb8

JD goes to see his “partner or adviser” to give him a piece of his mind. Nanbu the adviser tells JD that there has been a change of plan and he needs to throw this next match because they don’t make a lot of money when JD takes his fights seriously and wins.mb9

Nanbu then tells JD what can a nameless illegal Megalo boxer do to make money. JD has nothing to say, but Nanbu tells JD to wait a bit longer and he will find a real fighter for him.mb10


Onto the match that JD is suppose to throw. The main event, against Ghetto Hachiya. Everyone places their bets while the referee checks out each fighters gear. I am assuming this is to check if there are illegal parts being used or the gear is too stronk or maybe the gear has some emp to shut down other gears. Basically checking if their cheating. Kind of like checking gloves for metal.mb12

The match has barely started and Nanbu is telling JD the “plan” on how to throw the fight. Nanbu tells JD that Hachiya is a slow starter so take the lead then start slowing down, but during the first few seconds of the fight Hachiya starts with a barrage of punches. “So much for being a slow starter.” To give the fans what they want, Nanbu asks JD to pick up the pace and push Hachiya back. I must say during this fight the BGM is magical. Definitely going to look into the OST for this show.mb13

JD blocks Hachiya’s right hook and begins his assault. The face Hachiya makes is priceless. The man is scared out of his mind, probably peed himself underestimating his opponent. Fortunately for Hachiya, the round ends. The crowd is SHOCKED and all bets are now going to JD. JD and Nanbu exchange words during the corner break and Nanbu complains about amateurs who aren’t all there yet with how the underground rigged megalo boxing matches go.mb14

At this point JD is getting tired of these rigged matches and he wants Nanbu to know that this is a waste of time and that he would have KOd Hachiya in the first round.

Round 2 start! Round 2 has begun and a man walks up to Nanbu. Who talks about how good JD is and even with his junky looking gear he’s still able to put up a good fight against Hachiya.mb15

Domoto, the guy holding the sign thinks that JD has a shot to be in the big league and that he should probably join Megalonia. JD overhears this conversation through his blutooth. Nanbu tells Domoto that it’s useless for for JD to join because they’re frauds and this is the only way they know how to live, off of gambling in rigged fights.

Round 3 DING DING DING! A minute left in round 3 and it’s time to say goodbye. Nanbu tells JD to wrap it up and let Hachiya win, but tells him that losing to a guy like Hachiya doesn’t reflect badly on him. Nanbu believes JD has real talent, but the way I see it. Nanbu is trying to sweet talk JD so he doesn’t feel so bad about throwing a fight. JD knows what Nanbu is saying is bullshit.mb16

Upset from the fact that JD had to throw the match. He goes out for a drive, to a place where there is construction. But you know, JD doesn’t care. He’s pissed, signs like “Road closed” don’t matter when you’re that upset.

The road that JD is on leads to the place Megalonia Dome is being built. As he speeds down the road, he notices a lady crossing the street toward her car. JD quickly moves away from her, but loses control of the bike almost running her over.mb17

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the result of not paying attention and not reading signs that tell you that the road is closed. BOTH parties were at fault here. While JD is on the ground the lady walks towards him, offering her name and number to pay for repairs and probably hospital bill. JD declines her offer and slaps away her business card.mb18

After seeing the business card of Shirato Yukiko and denying her offer. JD realizes that she was the one who was advertising the Megalonia tournament. So JD calls her out on it, telling her she knows nothing about Megalo boxing and the Megalonia tournament is just people beating each other up. This catches the attention of Shirato and also the man who is with her.mb19

Yuri, the name of the man who was with Shirato. Considered to be the favorite to win the Megalonia tournament. JD asks Yuri to teach him what Megalo boxing is, if it isn’t just beating each other up. As both take their stances, you can see the excitement on JD’s face as he stares down Yuri. Just as Yuri is about to make his move, he is stopped by Shirato and they both leave. Would have been nice to see them exchange blows but I guess we have to wait..

Since JD’s bike is broken AGAIN, he heads to the Abuhachi shop. JD’s mechanic who fixed his bike the last time and his gear. JD apologizes to his mechanic about having him bet. But being the nice guy he is, JD’s mechanic isn’t really bothered by it. BECAUSE HE’S A GREAT FRIEND.

Another match is about to begin and Nanbu is nagging JD to listen to how he wants the fight to go. Another rigged match Nanbu is setting up, this time he wants JD to drag it out. JD raises his voice towards Nanbu because he was promised that he could take this fight seriously without it being shady.mb20

As everyone waits for the person JD is suppose to fight, JD asks Nanbu what he would do if he were to stop throwing fights. Nanbu doesn’t think JD is serious about it but it worries him that JD is thinking about not throwing anymore. Then a mysterious man with a blue hoodie appears. His presence feels familiar. mb21

You’ve guess it! Yuri has appeared this time with his gear and ready to settle some unfinished business with JD. Everyone in the room is surprised why the “Champion” is here. As everyone bask in Yuri’s gear and body that looks like it’s made out of metal, JD finally realizes that Yuri is going to be in Megalonia. Well after Nanbu told him that Yuuri is the Megalo Box champion.mb22

As the two stare each other down. JD asks Yuri if his “Owner” is with him. But Yuuri replies with “there’s no one to stop me tonight.” MEANING ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! But Domoto looks like hes making a call to someone important. PROBABLY Shirato, who will stop the fight and the fight will be further delayed.. BUTTT that’s just my prediction.mb23

Nanbu tries to persuade Yuri not to fight because it might ruin his reputation. I don’t understand because this will make a lot of money just having the champ there. Anyways JD gets irritated by Nanbu trying to stop them from starting a match so JD punches Nanbu and throws away the blutooth headset.mb24

Now that Nanbu is out of the ring, Yuri asks JD what his real name is. JD replies with “They don’t make tombstones for stray dogs.” I’m over here yelling lets get it, then realizing this is the end of the episode. The tension between the two is insane! I can’t wait for the next episode.

Megalo Box had a SUPER strong first episode. My goodness! The old school art is fitting for the show and looks great. FLUID ANIMATION. None of that 5fps CG crap (*cough* Souten no ken *cough*). The BGM is amazing. This is almost everything you would want in a episode 1. Megalo Box has Ham’s stamp of approval. 8.5/10, was going to give it an 8 because of Nanbu being a little sh** and there is no best girl yet (this doesn’t affect the rating don’t worry), EVERY show has to have a best girl! But everything else has got me on board.


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