Himouto! Umaru-chan R Episode 9 Review!!

Umaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Episode 9. Who watched it? OBVIOUSLY I DID! LET US BEGIN! We find our himouto playing with Hamjiro and Hamsaburo her hamsters, apparently Umaru is shooting a movie. I mean who doesn’t want to see a movie about hamsters eating cleanly right? RIGHT?! Hamjiro and Hamsaburo barely get any screen time so good for them! umaru ep 9 -2As Umaru is making her award worthy movie, Onii-chan Taihei comes home from work. Of course Umaru was startled because all her attention was towards Hamjiro and Hamsaburo. Whats this?? Onii-chan is holding a bag. Whats in the bag? WHATS IN THE DAMN BAG ONII-CHAN!! Well if you have to know.. Its a camera. NOT just any camera. It’s a SINGLE-LENS camera. So very cool! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!! It comes with extra lens! WAIT WAIT WAIT! THAT’S NOT IT! All of it was FREE!!! Bomba is so generous giving away such nice loots. Why would Bomba give away an expensive camera and lens? Well you see the thing is Bomba switched from nikon to canon.umaru ep 9 - 3So Bomba is into taking pictures? Who would have thought? Umaru definitely thinks the same. Onii-chan states that Bomba is the type of person who gets bored fast so he changes hobbies often. Anyone reading this get bored of their hobbies quickly? If so hit me up, I would be glad to take an expensive camera off your hands!umaru ep 9 - 4Onii-chan wants to start by taking a natural/normal picture of Umaru. Unfortunately you know how girls are, they have to prepare for the picture. I’M KIDDING IT’S A JOKE! Umaru ends up moving her all her stuff aside and closing the curtain for “better lighting” She’s gotta look kawaii!umaru ep 9 - 5Onii-chan needs to get his shit together. Although this scene with Umaru chilling on her body pillow would make a fantastic memory.  umaru ep 9 -6Since Umaru had taken her picture already, it’s time for Onii-chan to take a picture. This made me laugh, because whenever I take a picture I look just as stupid as Onii-chan does. While Umaru was laughing at Onii-chan’s picture, she comes across Bomba’s old photos from the memory card that was left in the camera. Of course Onii-chan gets up set and tells Umaru not to look through the picture. Onii-chan PLS! I WANT TO SEE PHOTOS OF BEST GIRL KIRIE! Well whatever, Umaru whips out her own memory card so her and Onii-chan can take more stupid pictures.. ENJOY.umaru ep 9 -7umaru ep 9 -8umaru ep 9 -9After Onii-chan and Umaru are done taking their pictures. Onii-chan returns Bomba’s memory card only to find that Umaru had deleted her picture and left Onii-chan’s weird face picture on the camera. Bomba is DYING of laughter.umaru ep 9 -10TROUBLE HAS STRUCK UMR (aka Umaru) and TSF (aka Sylphin) are in a pickle. Their favorite arcade is closed! OHH DEAR LORD WHAT ARE THESE TWO GOING TO DO NOW??? Fear not.. They’re only closed for cleaning. You probably panicked didn’t you? I didn’t because I’m not a big fan of Sylphin, I mean she’s one of the homies but shes kind of annoying. Some actually really like her but NOT I ok? OHHHKAYYYYY. (Kintoki Rider-my fate grand order folks out there)umaru ep 9 - 11Since their “go-to” arcade is closed for a bit, Sylphin asks UMR to go to a mall basically that has an arcade and not much people there. UMR and Sylphin started to grow fond of their new spot, so they end up going there often.umaru ep 9 -12 DISASTER STRIKES AGAIN! While Umaru talks to Onii-chan about this NEW AWESOME SPOT. Onii-chan informs Umaru that the place that she’s going to will be closing soon, because they’re not making any business there. And of course Umaru cannot believe Onii-chan unless shes got some hard evidence. But Sylphin also tells Umaru the terrible news. That doesn’t matter because of the memories they made there will never be forgotten.umaru ep 9 - 13And just like that UMR and TSF’s new spot has been taken down. As the crew talks about what this place use to be, Sylphin tells them that it was a fun place. Let’s talk about this scene in particular for a moment. Umaru realizes that Sylphin took her there KNOWING it was going to close down and the reason for this was so they could make a fun memory together. umaru ep 9 - 14FORWARD MARCH!!! Ebina brings some rice from Akita that she had received in the mail. So as a thanks for Ebina’s generosity, Onii-chan and Umaru invite Ebina for dinner. I MEAN OBVIOUSLY she’s not going to turn them down because she’s into Onii-chan. DUHH.umaru ep 9 - 15umaru ep 9 -16After deciding what they should have for dinner. Onii-chan ask Ebina to help him out in the kitchen so they can have dinner ready quicker. On paper this sounds like a good idea right? Having two people in the kitchen so things move faster. Well it isn’t, why??? DOUSHITE?? BECAUSE Ebina can barely even talk to Onii-chan without her head exploding. What makes you think she’ll be useful in the kitchen with Onii-chan that close to her.umaru ep 9 -17That isn’t all, THERE’S MORE. Best girl Kirie had to give Ebina advice before going up to Umaru/Onii-chan’s apartment. How is Ebina going to keep her cool with all this going on?umaru ep 9 -18OHH CRAP! You have ANOTHER PROBLEM IN YOUR HANDS Ebina.. You have lazy ass Umaru wanting to pretend she knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. Surprisingly enough, Ebina is doing fine in the kitchen with Umaru around. But Umaru is a different story. She can’t even find the fry pan.. A+ Student doesn’t know what a frying pan looks like??? UMARU PLS!umaru ep 9 -19Umaru finally finds the fry pan and is told to put oil in it. Everyone already knew the result. Of course she was going to mess up, we all saw this coming. Due to the fire Ebina falls back but Onii-chan saves her from getting hurt. At this point Ebina’s brain cannot handle all that is going on. She is on cloud 9 right now. Onii-chan holding her is the best feeling in the world for her. I mean look how happy she looks almost landing on her ass or getting hurt.umaru ep 9 -20Do you see this? Crying Umaru telling her friend that she isn’t capable of cooking. We call this character development. Umaru has been hiding all this crap from her friends thinking that they actually care that she is the way that she is. I think aside from the comedy, this season has been showing us Umaru’s development as a person. A few episodes back she actually reflected on how bratty she is towards Onii-chan. Honestly hope by the end of this season she tells the crew that chibi Umaru/UMR/ and normal Umaru are the same person, because at the end of season 1 she bitched out and didn’t tell her friends her “secret”. MOVING ON.umaru ep 9 -21Look who I ran into on the way home. Onii-chan don’t you mean “Look who followed me on the way home.” Hikari, that one girl Umaru dislikes. NO ONE GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO CALL TAIHEI ONII-CHAN!umaru ep 9 -22MY SIDES! MY SIDES! MY STOMACH HURTS! I want to say I spit out my water, but I didn’t spit out my water.. Water came out of my nose. UMARU, you can’t throw that Evangelion reference at me and expect me not to laugh. SHINJI PLEASE LISTEN TO GENDO! After Umaru finished commanding NERV she starts to interrogate Hikari about how it was a “coincidence”umaru ep 9 - 23Obviously it was not a coincidence, Hikari waited for Onii-chan to get off work then walked with him home. As Hikari and Umaru argue about how seeing Onii-chan was a coincidence or not. Onii-chan decides to have them make pancakes together so they can get along.umaru ep 9 - 24Look at that technique so very flawless. Unfortunately Umaru’s pancake turned out to be mushy. Hikari gives it a go, but her pancake turns out to be burnt. Onii-chan being the great guy he is eats both of the disgusting pancakes the two made. This helps the two girls stop butting heads for a bit. But that doesn’t last very long, they start butting heads again about the award that Hikari had left at their apartment.umaru ep 9 - 25Hamjiro, Hamsaburo, and Umaru are playing Pokemon. Everyone is having a great time until Onii-chan shows up and yells at Umaru telling her that she’s going to stress out the hamsters if she keeps playing with them. “Don’t treat your hamsters like toys!”

Umaru lays off playing with the hamsters for a few days. After a few days pass, Umaru let’s them out so they can play again. This time they’re playing Pokeham the movie 2000. Umaru falls asleep while playing with Hamjiro and Hamsaburo and Onii-chan sees her. So what does he do?? HE YELLS AT HER. DON’T YELL ONII-CHAN THE HAMSTERS ARE GOING TO STRESS OUT!umaru ep 9 -26I just made the discovery of the year. This show is dedicated to me. The GREAT HAM. HAMU HAMU! AH HAMU HAMU HAMU.

Next episode looks like a Hikari and Sylphin episode.. I WANT MORE KIRIE! KIRIE NEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME!


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