Review: The time has finally come! We finally have a Justice League movie. Sure, you can say the DC Cinematic Universe isn’t on the same level as the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but every comic book fan has been waiting for a Justice League film for decades. This is what DC has been building towards since 2013’s Man of Steel. First thing is first – it wouldn’t be fair to compare Justice League to The Avengers. Obviously by the time The Avengers formed, we met all of them in their own separate movies. The same can’t be said for the members of the Justice League. With the odds stacked against DC, Justice League turned out to be a fun movie after all. It was entertaining, funny, visually stunning, and it had some beautiful action sequences. It just sucks knowing that the movie could have been so much better. FYI – a spoilers review will be posted this upcoming Sunday.

The chemistry of the team was excellent. Ben Affleck(Batman) and Gal Gadot(Wonder Woman) were great as expected. Wonder Woman again pretty much stole the show in this film. I liked the addition of Jason Momoa(Aquaman), Ezra Miller(The Flash), and Cyborg(Ray Fisher). Ezra Miller was perfect as The Flash. He had the wit and comedic timing that you would expect from Barry Allen. Momoa’s Aquaman was easily my 2nd favorite character. He was a booze drinking bad-ass. I loved the whole surfer vibe they did with him. Cyborg had his time to shine as well, but he could have easily benefited from a solo movie before this. The only thing that sucked was the character development for the new members of the league. I understand that there wasn’t enough time in the movie, but that’s why I kind of wished they went with the solo movies first and then the super team movie. I got excited seeing characters from past DC movies(Amy Adam’s Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and even Wonder Womans home of Themyscira). And then I felt the total opposite when we get a quick introduction to the new characters and their families/backstories.

In a movie where we should have gotten Darkseid as the main villain, we got Steppenwolf(which isn’t a bad choice at all). The CGI wasn’t really that good on him and his Parademons. His face just didn’t look real to me. Like something out of a video game. The goal of Steppenwolf would have meant a lot more to me if it was fleshed out in previous movies(like the Infinity Stones in the MCU). If it did – the climax would have felt more important, since we would have had more time invested in the bigger story. But either way, it was good enough to keep the moving going.

One thing I’m sure you’ll hear about Justice League is how “light” the movie is. That is correct. It is easily the lightest movie in the DCU, and sometimes a little too light. There are a bunch of funny scenes(most of them belong to The Flash), but sometimes it does feel very forced. Especially when it’s a dramatic scene and then we get a one liner when it is clearly not needed. Overall, I do think the tone fit very well with the movie.

The important thing is – I do recommend seeing Justice League. The movie is fun and entertaining. That should be all that matters. Even though I believe the characters should have been introduced in their own solo movies, I am excited to see how their individual stories play out on the big screen. This movie is tricky to review because even though the CGI or the plot was mediocre, as a fan – I loved seeing the team on screen for the first time. The real highlights for me were Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman. I’m going to give Justice League a 7.5/10.


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