Ousama Game Episode 1

Since is it Halloween, I am guessing you want something spooky desho?? Well you’re in the WRONG place! I’m kidding.. Ousama Game is in the horror genre so I guess it makes sense right?

Ousama Game (King’s Game) so from what I know about Ousama Game is that you have a group of people, numbers are written on chopsticks and there is a king. The king orders the other numbers do to certain things. Could be a fun game at parties with your close friends, but unfortunately some of us do not have that luxury of having FRIENDS at all. WHAT ARE FRIENDS?

“So Ham, this show is about kids playing Ousama Game and having a good time?” Most definitely! NO NO NO! Let me give you a run down of what we’ve seen in this first episode.

Kanazawa, Nobuaki the MC, the PROTAG, the HERO. We don’t actually know if he’s a hero or not, but it seemed like such a cool thing to type you know?? “ONE MAN.. ONE DESIRE… AMERICAS NUMBER 1 MOVIE!” Alright I’ll stop these reviews need some seasoning you know? We find our MC having a nightmare. In this nightmare Nobuaki receives a text from the “KING”.


Ohh hey look the rules for Ousama Game has been revealed. “The King’s orders are absolute.” So basically you follow the rules you’re fine, I don’t see why Nobuaki seems so worried.IMG_3504

Nobuaki receives another text or email what have you. saying “Seat No. 12 Kanazawa Nobuaki will be punished by drowning to death for disobeying the King’s orders.” Here’s where my anime EXPERTISE shows. Nobuaki hasn’t even done anything after getting these two messages so we already know this is some type of nightmare.  TONIKAKU! In Nobuaki’s nightmare he starts to drown and sees a naked girl in front of him telling him that she wants to survive with him… This already has RED flags written all over it. “I’ll marry you after this war is over.”

Seat No. 24 Honda Chiemi the name of the girl in Nobuaki’s nightmare will be punished by the KING, so Chiemi loses her arms and legs. Then we get Nobuaki’s obnoxious yelling. I want everyone to know, this will happen quit often. Now we have an idea what the King’s punishments can do.

A new transfer student arrives and you guessed it, his name is Nobuaki! Guess where he sits! YOU GUESSED IT AGAIN! He’s sitting in the back seat right next to the window. Most characters love that spot, it’s still a mystery to me.

Nobuaki introduces himself, but his introduction is very dull. I thought to myself “Definitely going to get bullied.” As Nobuaki makes it to his seat he is approached by this really nice girl named “Honda, Natsuko”. Hearing Honda name makes Nobuaki feel uneasy. Uneasy to the point he beings to cry from Natsuko’s bubbly and friendly approach.

Break time comes and like MOST school based anime. Everyone approaches the new guy. Everyone in the class introduces themselves in a very friendly manner, but Nobuaki ends up running away trying to avoid everyone. Natsuko finds Nobuaki all alone and tries to have a conversation about what happened in his old school and if he’s afraid to make friends. Nobuaki flees again. Then later finds out that Natsuko had lost her parents and wonders how she’s so nice and friendly.

image1 (1)

The sports festival happens, well it happened a little after the nightmare scene but it’s just of the whole class winning, not much can be said there. With this win, Nobuaki is happy that he actually had some fun. We all know this isn’t going to last very long. As expected, Nobuaki receives a text from the KING. “Hello friend, it is your king speaking. You must do as I say because I’m the DAMN KING. Do we have an understanding?”


The King has spoken, now the order must be carried out within a 24 hour time span and the first request is for Nobuaki and Natsuko to kiss! This damn King is making some great orders amirite? Jokes aside, Nobuaki sees the text and he seems to know what the hell is going on. Knowing he cannot escape the Ousama Game, meaning he’s been through it before and it’s quite obvious it probably happened to his class before.

Nobuaki makes it to class and everyone is excited. Why? Because everyone in the classroom had received a message from the KING saying the order that was made which was for Nobuaki to kiss Natsuko.


Our MC tells everyone that it wasn’t him who sent that message to everyone, but everyone thinks he has a thing for Natsuko because of they way she talks to him and what not. Nobuaki tells everyone that the Kings’ orders are absolute and they must be carried out and if it isn’t people will be punished for it. This changes everyone’s opinion on Nobuaki that he maybe crazy. The man just wants a simple life and everyone to listen to him, but everyone just thinks its some sick joke.


Outcast-ed by his classmates, Nobuaki skips class to reflect on what happened back in his old school and his friends. He is then interrupted by a fellow classmate “Murazumi Aimi” who wants to help Nobuaki go out with Natsuko, but he brushes her off. Left alone Nobuaki sits there and thinks to himself. Is he really going to drag Natsuko and his class into this game.

24hours is almost up, Nobuaki is alone in a park thinking it’s better for him to die alone. Natsuko suddenly appears out of nowhere to comfort Nobuaki and with just a few minutes left Natsuko kisses Nobuaki to complete the order the King had made. Shortly after that the King sends a confirmation message to everyone that the deed has been done. The next batch of orders have come in fresh out of the oven and there are some for certain people and there is one for everyone. “No one in class is to get deep rest.” Meaning no one can sleep! YOU SLY MOFO! Once this message was received, Nobuaki tries to gather as much people as he can so they can all stay awake.IMG_3516

Unfortunately 9 members of the class had bed times and they needed to get some sleep. So they ended up dying, hanging themselves. Nobuaki makes it back to the park with almost all of his classmates trying to explain the situation. Since everyone is panicking, no one really believes Nobuaki.IMG_3517

Cut the crap Nobuaki, it’s just a coincidence that everyone hung themselves. Or Nobuaki went out of his way to hang everyone. Satou, Yuuichi believed and said that Ousama Game is a fluke. So what Yuuichi does is beat the shit out of Nobuaki with some help from 2 other guys I don’t remember. While this was happening, the girl with the blue hair twin tails gets a message from the King saying Yuuichi has disobeyed the King’s orders and he will be punished by bleeding to death. IMG_3518

A fitting death for someone who just stuck his foot into the MC’s mouth hahaha. At this point Yuuichi STILL thinks its Nobuaki’s fault for what’s happening to him. Now everyone is SHOOK! End scene Nobuaki stands up full of confidence and says “It’s begun. A new King’s Game!” Making it seem like he wanted this shit to happen.


10 Dead 22 remain.

Thoughts: Alright, my personal thoughts on this show so far from the first episode is that I REALLY like the concept of the King’s orders are absolute and trying to figure out a way around the order is what we’ll be seeing hopefully. I do not like the pacing, I feel like its moving way too fast. “oh hey 10 people died already.” I didn’t feel much when 9 of the class members died, because we barely knew anything about them. Yes I understand there needs to be a death so everyone gets worked up. BUT 10 maybe too much too quickly. Maybe if it was 4 or 5 okay, BUT 10?!?! You could have saved some of those characters to die from something else. The death of Yuuichi was something I wanted to happen to the others who died. We get a little taste of what the character is like. He died because he didn’t obey the King’s order and he shoved his shoe into the MC’s FACE, I couldn’t help but laugh. You can call this show another “Lost Village” instead of 30 idiots in one bus trying to find paradise. It’s 32 idiots in a classroom trying to follow King’s orders.

Also wanted to point out, that I really liked the ending picture with the class and the Xed out ones are dead. Little things like that keep you on track. When I watched this episode, I thought to myself. “Wait how many people died? I’ll just playback the deaths.”


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