High School DXD HERO PV

dxd hero poster

Highschool DxD Hero PV is here! ITS HERE! BOOOOSTOOOOOOOOOO. Sorry everyone, I’m about a week late? Twas busy ok? OK! Let us begin. First of all, DXD PV has been RELEASED AND I AM EXCITED. Why you ask? Well…. it can’t be helped if you asked right? A K E N O waifu for laifu, did you see her in the trailer? DAMNNNN GRILLLL! Alright, I’m done.

Studio Passione has taken the mantle for DxD, from TNK. Meaning the art style and such has changed. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but they look a little too MOE if you know what I mean. Definitely not going to stop me from watching.

From what we see in the PV the OPPAI DURAGON has returned and he is up against Sairaorg Bael I think that’s his name, could be wrong on the spelling I’ll look it up later and maybe update this. What could they be fighting for? Hmmmm??? As long as Issei can imagine oppai hes the stronkest ever right? RIGHT. Issei you lucky son of a biznatch. You see that guy at the end. WHO CAN THAT BE?? Wait wait what’s this??? Hes holding a longi *cough* that was said to have stabbed Je *cough* damn this cold is really getting to me. I should stop right here. Ca *cough* sorry, I’m just really excited about this PV.

Now is everyone ready for the return of Akeno best waifu? Boostooos till your ears pop?? Balance Buurake?? OPPAI all over your screen? Maybe a little tuuuransfer or ovaboosto?? Who knows maybe a bit of deevidoo and juggernaut drive??? Most importantly Akeno DESHO???

ProTip don’t tell Issei you’re going to reduce all oppai in the world in half.


akeno3Since its almost Halloween I’ll leave this right here. You’re welcome.


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