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Let’s get started. Quick intro.

Identity: “True Name is Ram, better known as Ham. A legendary hero known as the “King of Waifus” and “The Lord of Hamelot.”        ham servant card

I have been summoned by the stream monsters for the 10th Holy Grail war to create anime review! Also because i bugged Mr.HellaButter due to the fact that my stream monsters are otakus and not normies.

Why?: HellaButter’s demographics are towards NORMIES.  We otakus want to see anime reviews and waifus and best girls and best ships and Yu….ri, wait that could just be me and a few others. 2D OVER 3D!2D forlife

When?: NOW OBVIOUSLY.. Glad you’ve gotten this far

What to expect: In this page, you will encounter episode by episode reviews. Let’s be honest, these are not professional reviews but reviews that come from the heart (MUHHH KOKORO). These reviews will not have any manga/VN/LN/etc spoilers.  NAZE?? <-(why? how come?) because I personally like watching shows before i sit down to read the manga so i don’t get upset about an “original ending” or “What the fuck? They skipped the blah blah blah arc.” or “Wow.. the best girl had the crappiest route.. In the VN her route was great and it was my favorite out of the 12031238 other girls.” You get where I’m coming from??akeno2


Alright, now that we’ve weeded out all the normal and “true anime” fans (Naruto, SAO, Deathnote, Pokemon, MAINSTREAM blah blah blah). Not saying these are bad shows, but think about it. You have that one friend or HAD that one friend who said “Yeah i watch anime, its cool. My favorite is (*insert here mainstream anime*)” Ohh dear I can already feel all the hate.

TOP ANIMES: I always hated these.. But this kind of decides wether you stay or leave for good. Maybe, who knows. BUT STAY A WHILE AND LISTEN.


FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD: If you don’t like this show then “FUCK YOU” Kidding… maybe? I don’t know? TO ALL THEIR OWN. This show is SOLID. Solid characters, solid story, solid art, and solid music. Solid EVERYTHING. Those who have watched it will tell you it is SOLID. Not everyone will tell you its the greatest of all time.  But can you recommend me a good shounen anime? “F M A Brotherhood.” This show has ruined shounen anime for me and I’m sure for a lot of people because it was THAT GOOD. Let’s be honest, the pacing for the beginning is a bit fast, BUT I am not here to review FMA Brotherhood TODAY.. I will get to it and explain all its greatness another time. I am actually going to re-watch it real soon.

“A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. A fullmetal heart.”
I’ll just leave this right here..

steins gate

“El Psy Kongroo” “I am mad scientist, it’s so coooool sonovabitch.”
You guessed it Steins Gate. An AMAZING show about a “Phone microwave” SPOILER!!!!!!!!! Worthy of being TOP anime on everyone’s list. Not going to lie but when I started watching this show, I was a bit skeptical. “Why?” Because its about time travel and the concept of time travel. “So uhm why?” Because time travel shows have a bunch of plot holes and what ifs. Steins Gate definitely did not disappoint. From the story they set and the loveable characters. “TU TU RUUUUUUU Mayushii desu!” “KURRISSTINA” You are in for a treat if you have never watched this show.  So go watch it. Protip the “mad scientist” does dick around a lot so it balances the serious tone and the huh whats going on factor. AGAIN I am not here to review this today. BUT I will some other time.


NEON GENESIS EVANGELION!!!! You see all those caps? There are a lot of people who disliked this anime mainly because of the MC and the ending it had. “Omedeto!” haha I for one LOVED this piece of work. It’s one of those Oldie but Goodie (what you normies say). NGE is still my favorite mecha of all time. Yes it is a mecha show. WHERE MY MECHA FANS AT? “SHINING FINGER!” hahahaha. ANYWAYS.. Asuka or Rei? Personally I am a Rei fan. Wait okay fine, jokes aside. What got me hooked on this show was the characters that they laid out for us and the character development. TILL THIS DAY I ask myself what the fuck is Shinji doing? Okay sorry, I have the be serious here. NGE captures the emotions that humans feel and the different ways each character copes with it. Granted the story itself has a lot of holes and cuts were made but watch it and put yourself in any of the characters shoes, you’ll be in for a ride.


Dango dango dango dango daikazoku
Clannad: After Story: Are you ready for the FEELS train? Well it’s coming to a store near you! You’re probably wondering why I would choose Clannad After Story as one of the top anime. Lets see here, unlike the first one “Clannad” this is a more serious toned show. One of the few shows that made me cry. YES I CRIED at the end because i hated the end! If it ended differently i would have kept crying and told people to cry with me. If it went the way I wanted it. I think I would still be crying. Aside from a great storyline and character development. The MC steals the show with the way he handles certain events, you start to feel for the dude. So if you’re looking for a Romcom with some heart strings pulled go watch the Clannad series. TOMOYO BEST GIRL!! (she even has her own OVA)


(Tomoyo best girl in Clannad)

Tubi TV adds all BLEACH episodes

(Since I can’t think of a 5th..This joke is for my stream monsters!)
Bleach: I dropped bleach after a few episodes in because I got bored of it. Fun fact I didn’t know who Aizen was and everyone on stream laughed at me. They even made a nightbot command to torment me with. “Aizen, whose that? MingLee Guys???” – Ham 2017

Well there you have it, my FIRST post on Hella Anime. So for those of you who skipped to the very end and/or skimmed through my essay. I am Ham the Lord of Hamelot, King of Waifus. I am not held down by one genre, you can say I’m an ALLROUNDER. These up coming reviews will not contain spoilers from manga/VN/LN/etc. I will have predictions on what I think might happen and stuff like that. This is all in good fun and who knows maybe I’m actually good at this, and maybe my sponsorship with HellaButter will last forever! ANYWAYS come join me on stream Twitch.tv/s52ham here you can ask me anything. PEACE OUT!

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181770758 enjoy this little clip.

Remember folks if it’s canon, you gotta have your sources!
(Is it canon? Where are your sources?)-Ham 2017


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