HELLA BUTTER INTERVIEWS: Director of The Lego Batman Movie, Chris McKay!

If you don’t know who Chris McKay is – take notice. He was the animation co-director of The Lego Movie and has also worked on the show Robot Chicken. Now, he is the director of The Lego Batman Movie(Our review here!). The movie as of right now has a 97% score rating on Rotten Tomatoes making the movie “Certified Fresh”. Very well deserved. I got to talk to Mr. McKay about the making of The Lego Batman Movie, check it out below!

@TeejayMcFly: After the success of The Lego Movie – who thought of making a standalone Lego Batman film?

Chris McKay(@buddboetticher): Chris and Phil were the ones who were first brought up making a stand alone Batman film. We asked the question: Why, if Batman is a rich, good-looking, super-buff playboy, is he the darkest, broodiest, angriest, saddest character in comics history? 

@TeejayMcFly: How big of a Batman fan are you personally?

@buddboetticher: I’m a huge Batman nerd. I love superheroes, comics, etc. I was brought up on the Richard Donner SUPERMAN movie and the Tim Burton BATMAN movie. I loved the first Frank Miller Dark Knight books and Year One.

@TeejayMcFly: As a fan – What was it like to have the freedom to play with the whole Batman universe?

@buddboetticher: Incredible. To be able to design a batcave, bat vehicles, to create our own Gotham City was amazing. And to be able to play with all of these characters and try to find a new Batman story was such a fantastic opportunity. I can’t believe they let me do it.

@TeejayMcFly: What was your favorite part of making the film?

@buddboetticher: Working with the crew every day. I had a brilliant cast that always made us laugh. My editing team starting with David Burrows and Trisha Gum’s storyboard team worked hard…like crazy hard… to build this story and find the right balance between comedy and drama and action. Lorne Balfe killed it with the score. Cheapshot and Justin Tranter and Chris Sernal provided a lot of really great songs. I was just thrilled working with all of these super talented people.

@TeejayMcFly: Once this weekend hits(The Lego Batman Movie releases this Friday), what should fans expect?

@buddboetticher: I hope that people feel our love for Batman and the characters of Gotham City. I hope they go the movie and have a good laugh and thrill to the action and see a different side of Batman then they’ve seen in other movies. I just hope they have a great time and leave the theater smiling.

@TeejayMcFly: Lastly – What can fans expect next from Mr. Chris McKay?!

@buddboetticher: I’m going to work with the directors of NINJAGO and LEGO 2 and help them cross the finish line of their movies. And when I’m not doing that I’m going to sit outside Geoff Johns office and hope he lets me pitch on a live action DC movie.


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