Plot: Batman (voice of Will Arnett) defends Gotham City from criminals and supervillains while bonding with a young orphan (Michael Cera) he accidentally adopted — who, of course, eventually becomes his sidekick Robin.


Review: To say I had high expectations for The Lego Batman Movie would be an understatement. I was a huge fan of the first Lego movie(The Lego Movie), and when you add in my love for Batman – I was hoping for an instant classic. When the studio first announced the movie, I was very excited since I enjoyed Will Arnett’s portrayal as The Dark Knight in The Lego Movie. Once the trailer hit, I was blown away. Imagine having every Batman character(especially his villains) all in one movie. Not just any movie – A LEGO MOVIE. Director Chris McKay had the whole Batman mythology at his disposal and he did not disappoint. I’m sure you can see where this review is going – I LOVED The Lego Batman Movie.


Everything about this movie is fantastic. The humor hits on every level. During the first 20 minutes(from the Warner Bros. logo to the montage of Batman being alone in his mansion), I was laughing my ass off. Even Batman microwaving a lobster and accidentally putting 20:00 instead of 2:00 had me laughing(he even takes bites of the lobster with it’s full shell on). The pacing of the film was perfect. We learn from the very start that Batman had problems building relationships with people, while all The Joker wanted is for the Dark Knight to admit that he is his greatest adversary. There are so many funny moments in this movie that I want to talk about, but I’m trying very hard not to spoil it for you! The great thing I love about this movie is that even though it is aimed at kids, there are many jokes for us adults. Don’t worry, the kids won’t get them. However, there are jokes that will go over the head of most non-Batman fans, but you don’t have to be a die-hard fan to enjoy the movie. On that note – I can honestly say that you will get more out of this movie if you have been following the entire film series(nip-suit included).


The movie itself is visually stunning. The colors are vibrant and it blends well with the action sequences. McKay can easily do things here that would be impossible for a live-action movie. If you enjoyed Will Arnett’s portrayal as Batman in the first Lego movie, you will enjoy it even more in this one. Zach Galifianakis comes to play and does a great job as The Joker. I honestly forgot it was even him until the very end of the credits. We also get Michael Cera as Robin and he was just as hilarious. Robin’s journey is the real heart of this movie. All he is wants is to have a family(and a Bat-dad). We even get a very cool scene with Batman having Robin break into Superman’s Fortress of Solitude!

The Lego Batman Movie isn’t just a great animated movie, it’s a great movie in general. It has everything from humor to heart to action. We have cameos from the Batman universe, to the DC Comics universe, to even characters from past Warner Bros. films. Yeah, it gets that crazy. This movie is easily the best DC movie since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and I’ll even say it’s tied for my favorite(personal) Batman movie with The Dark Knight. I can’t wait until this weekend so I can watch it a second time! I’m giving The Lego Batman Movie a perfect score, 10/10!

By: Teejay(@TeejayMcFly)



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