Hella Butter Reviews: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Plot: Mankind faces a new threat as Batman (Ben Affleck) embarks on a personal vendetta against Superman (Henry Cavill).


Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the most anticipated movies of all time. Never have we seen the two legendary superheroes clash in a live action movie before. Also add in the big screen debut of Wonder Woman and you have what is for surely the most hyped movie of the year. When you think Batman vs Superman – you picture them beating the living crap out of eachother. Then we got that infamous second trailer which shows them teaming up. Fanboys had hope though! They all said, “Ok we knew they’d team up at the end. It’s Dawn Of Justice for a reason. They must be beating the shit out of eachother for the first and second act!” Yeah, that didn’t happen either. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good in the movie as well. Let’s break it down!

The movie starts with a quick retelling of a young Bruce Wayne during the opening credits. Think the opening credits for Watchmen. First of all, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOW THAT SCENE OF HIS PARENTS DYING EVERY TIME YOU HAVE A NEW BATMAN. Everybody knows how the story goes by now. The movie than cuts to the events of Metropolis(Man of Steel) just only from Bruce Wayne’s point of view. He sees Superman and General Zod duking it out and causing A LOT of damage to the city. One of the buildings that crumbled to the ground killing it’s employees – Wayne Enterprises. That alone gives the movie credibility as to why Bruce wants to destroy Superman.
I remember when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, the internet went CRAZY. After watching this movie – Affleck was the best thing about Dawn of Justice. His Batman is a Batman we have never seen before. He is older, smarter, and alot more damaged. I was somewhat expecting a Joker cameo towards the end to set up Suicide Squad, but it didn’t happen and I’m ok with that. This movie made me more excited for a solo Batman movie with Affleck and Jeremy Irons as Alfred(who was great) than a Justice League movie. In my personal opinion the two stole the show. They NEED to have Affleck direct his own Batman movie.
Now let’s get to team Superman. I always thought Henry Cavill was a good Clark Kent. He has the look, and he for sure has the build. I just think he would go from good to great if he had a different director(we’ll talk about Snyder in a bit). Amy Adams is back again as Louis Lane and does another good job playing the Man of Steel’s love interest. The two have the same chemistry as the first one which is enjoyable. However, the character that was a huge letdown to me was Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. I am a huge Eisengerg fan and thought he was going to be great. Then the trailer came out to which we see him as slightly too over the top and eccentric, but I thought, “Maybe it’s a cover up for when he is in public.” Nope. He is like that THE WHOLE MOVIE. Picture The Riddler mixed with The Joker in Mark Zuckerberg’s body. Yeah, it was just as horrible as that sounded.

One thing to praise director Zack Snyder is of course the visuals. He is known for style over substance, and Batman v Superman is no different(unfortunately). The guy knows how to make a movie look stunning. If only he put as much effort into the story aspect as he does the look of the film, he would be in a league of his own. In my opinion – Zack Snyder should not direct the Justice League. If he couldn’t even do a Batman v Superman movie, what makes you think he can do a movie as complex as the Justice League. A few more bad movies and he will be the new Michael Bay. Sorry Zack. Kudos to Gal Gadot for being a really entertaining Wonder Woman. I was not expecting to enjoy her that much and am very much looking forward to her solo movie. She had a huge applause when she showed up on screen in costume.
Although the movie is highly flawed, it is still worth watching. We have never seen Batman fight Superman on the big screen, nor a movie version of Wonder Woman. That alone is worth the price of admission. Just be prepared to be in your seat for awhile as the movie clocks in at 2 and a half hours(could have easily been cut a little shorter). I can tell you Doomsday doesn’t look as bad as I thought he’d look. The third act is what saves the movie for me. The big payout of waiting to see The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel didn’t pay off in the end, but hey – that’s what the R-Rated blu ray version is for. I am giving Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a 6/10.

Written by Teejay McFly


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