Hella Butter Reviews: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi!

The Return of the Jedi is the last film in the beloved “original trilogy”. It was tough to follow up The Empire Strikes Back, but it did it’s job. It wasn’t better than Empire though. We finally get to see the final battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Vader is trying to turn Luke to the darkside, while Luke believes there is still good in him. This was the moment fans have been waiting for! We wouldn’t get another Star Wars for 15 years till Episode I. And for the people watching The Force Awakens today, it takes place 30 years after this film.

We find Luke Skywalker where we left him in Episode V dealing with the news of Darth Vader being his father. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. The guy you’ve been trying to defeat this whole time is your dad. Luke still believes there is good in Vader to which Vader replies “It is too late for me”. The story of Return of the Jedi is a pleasant finale, I just wish the delivery was stronger than it was. I enjoyed Han and Leia fighting in the Battle of Endor, but the fact it happened during the same time as Luke/Vader – I wanted more of that. And we finally got to see Emperor Palpatine be a full on Sith Lord in this movie too. He also is trying to turn young Skywaker the way he turned Anakin aka his father. That whole scene with the three of them might be one of my favorite scenes from all of the Star Wars films.

One of the things I didn’t like about Return of the Jedi – the death of Boba Fett. You are going to have a bad ass bounty hunter go out by falling into the Sarlacc Pit. That’s why all the fans make up their own stories about how he managed to get out! Another thing I was not a fan of(and I might get some heat for this) – the Ewoks. I know, a lot of people think they are cute, but I just found them annoying. I just couldnt believe that these little furry little animals could take down Imperial walkers. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?
With all the bad – we do get some good. How about Princess Leia’s slave outfit? That was too hot for it’s time. The outfit might be the most iconic thing from this movie. But pretty much, the finale is my only favorite part. Luke fighting Vader while trying not to turn to the darkside is one of the most compelling scenes in movie history. It’s an inner battle. The young Skywalker did in fact have to channel his anger to defeat his father, but even then he wouldn’t kill him. Palpatine was hoping Luke would kill Vader and take his place beside him – obviously that didn’t work out. Luke says, “I will never join the dark side, I am a Jedi like my father before him”. Palpatine then uses the “force lightning” on Luke almost killing him. Guess who saves him? DARTH VADER. In one of the most brilliant character twists of all time, Vader comes back from the dark side and kills Palpatine and saves Luke(and the galaxy). Problem is – he may have hurt himself in the process.
You see, Star Wars revolves around Anakin Skywalker. From Episode I, all the way to Episode VI – this is HIS story. What character do you know that was destined to be the chosen one, turned to the dark side, damn near turned into Hitler, and then comes back to the light and saves his son. This is what makes the character of Anakin Skywaker(in my opinion) – the greatest character in FILM HISTORY. So although this movie was probably most fans least favorite of the trilogy, it’s still a good finale and way better than the prequels. I give Return of the Jedi, based on the epic finale and the character growth of Anakin Skywalker, a 8/10.


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