Hella Butter Reviews: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope!

The one that started it all. It was the year 1977 and the landscape of cinema changed. Crazy to think that a story that was created in George Lucas’s mind would turn into a global phenomenon. Of course I’m talking about the original Star Wars movie. It was a time before CGI ruled the world. When practical sets and puppets were used for scenes. Sometimes, the simplest things work the best in life. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch Star Wars during 1977 where the special effects were new to its time. But that didn’t matter to me. It’s the story, the characters, the adventure – that lures the audience in. No matter what age you are or what decade you live in, Star Wars will do that to you.

 The story of A New Hope is your typical good vs evil plot. We have the evil Empire vs the band of Rebels. The Empire is led by Emperor Palpatine and his right hand man Darth Vader. Picture if you lived in a world where your government was fucked up, this is the life you’d live in. And you’d have to follow their rules. Naturally, there would be a group of individuals wanting to stop them and bring peace to the galaxy. Bring in Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is a Jedi Master from the age of the Republic. Only problem is the Jedi are all but extinct, and the Republic turned into the Empire. Obi-Wan trains our hero of the story Luke Skywalker to rescue Princess Leia who is being held captive by Vader. He teaches Luke the ways of the Force(a natural energy that revolves around everything) and also how to use a lightsaber which is a weapon used by the Jedi.

The character of Luke Skywalker makes a great hero. He lives with his aunt and uncle(his father killed by Darth Vader) and feels like there is more to life than being stuck at home. Pretty much the guy who’s never been on an adventure will be the guy to save the galaxy. He’s the underdog and you enjoy seeing him progress into the hero we will all love. Of course Luke did have some help – cue in Han Solo. Arguably the most popular character from the Star Wars Universe. The captain of the ship called the Millennium Falcon, along side his trusted companion Chewbacca. Han Solo was the “cool guy” of the movie. It’s ironic how in A New Hope, Han does not believe in the force – yet in the trailer for The Force Awakens, he is seen telling Rey and Finn that “it’s all true”. It’s great to see Luke and Han butt heads since their personalities are the exact opposite. Also for you Star Wars fans – HAN DID SHOOT FIRST. I DON’T CARE WHAT GEORGE SAYS.
There are so many iconic moments in this movie – the trench run in the Death Star, when they rescue the princess, the scene with Obi-Wan telling Luke the stories of the past(aka the prequels). But the most important scene to me has to be the Obi-Wan/Darth Vader duel. Of course it isn’t fast paced like the duel we got between them at the end of Episode III, but the meaning is deeper. You understand it more when Vader tells Obi-Wan that the last time they saw eachother, “he was the learner”. Since the last time they saw eachother was the duel at the end of Episode III! Of course I don’t want to spoil how this fight ends, but its brilliant and an important moment for the franchise.

Without A New Hope there would be no Star Wars franchise. For that reason it is the most important film of the franchise(and maybe of all time). Yes, the movie starts a little slow to some people – but it’s all just a build up. Honestly the only flaws this movie has is the recut special edition version with all the CGI and Greedo shooting first. A movie is only important if you are invested in the characters – and A New Hope gives you plenty to root for. I give Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope a 9/10


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