Jurassic World review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: This is a new sci-fi terror adventure set 22 years after the horrific events of the original “Jurassic Park”.

Review: To be honest, i wasn’t expecting much walking into Jurassic World. I am a huge fan of the first Jurassic Park and enjoyed The Lost World. Jurassic Park 3 was complete shit to me, sorry. So for other critics saying that “this is the first real sequel to Jurassic Park” didn’t really prove anything to me because the sequels were never really on par with the original anyways. I thought people would either love or hate Jurassic World and that there would be no in between. I was wrong. Jurassic World was a movie that had me interested, then lost me, then had me interested again, and then had me on the edge of my seat for the finale.


Jurassic Park is no longer a theme park in the works, it’s a fully operational attraction called Jurassic World. John Hammond would be proud to see what Isla Nublar has become. It’s pretty much like a SeaWorld but with dinosaurs. There are shows, rides, and even a petting zoo. I really liked the idea of the monorail going around the theme park as you can really take in the depth of the island even from just watching on screen. But of course, what Jurassic Park movie would it be without dinosaurs causing reckless mayhem? That’s right, it wouldn’t be a Jurassic Park movie without dinosaurs fucking shit up.

The movie starts off with a pair of brothers who are going out of town to visit their Aunt Claire(Bryce Dallas Howard). Claire also happens to be the park operations manager of Jurassic World. Grey, the younger of the brothers, can NOT wait till they get to the theme park. Zach, the oldest of the two, would rather be at home with his girlfriend since Jurassic World is “for babies”. Claire leaves the boys with her assistant while she is out trying to find a sponsor for the park’s latest dinosaur attraction. The attraction will feature a new hybrid dinosaur called the “Indominus Rex”. Leave it to humans for always wanting to create things that end up killing us(Dinosaurs, Terminators, etc). Anyways, we also meet Owen(Chris Pratt) who is a Velociraptors trainer who believes that humans and dinosaur can share a bond with each other. Other people see them as “not real animals” or even as future war machines. Owen also seems to have a thing for Claire even after their first date didn’t go according to plan. Claire brings Owen to the location of the Indominus Rex to make sure the dinosaur location is adequate for the beast. It seems that the dinosaur was smart enough to make it seem like it had escaped, only for them to open the gates and for him to well, escape. At the same time, the boys Zach and Grey ditch their aunt’s assistant to go on their own adventure around the park. Perfect timing right? The Indominus Rex is on the loose and heading for the theme park filled with thousands of people, and it is up to Owen and Claire to stop him(or her?).


There may have been some things i didn’t like about the movie, but one thing is for sure – Chris Pratt is a badass! This guy has came a long way since his days on Parks and Recreation. Who the fuck saw that coming right? This guy is apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jurassic World, and is even rumored to be in both Ghostbusters AND be the new Indiana Jones? He is on a role. Byrce Dallas Howard plays Claire and iv said it before and i’ll say it again, Ron Howard’s daughter is hot. I thought she was probably the best part of Spider-Man 3. Their love connection in Jurassic World was actually enjoyable. Usually in movies, the lovey dovey scenes are cheesy as hell, but here it played out perfectly. In reality, all of that doesn’t matter, because everybody pays to see these movies for the dinosaurs. And once again, the dinosaurs were the best part.


The Indominus Rex was a great villain. It’s bad enough that the Indominus Rex is already a huge dinosaur, but the fact the scientist made him able to camouflage himself, that’s just insane. It is just a killing machine. We also get two fan favorites from the franchise back for this newest movie, the Velociraptors and the T-Rex. The Velociraptors are(as said up above) being trained by Chris Pratt. He teaches them how to somewhat obey and listen to his orders. Obviously, it has to do with trust. It was pretty cool to see that on screen. Me personally, i liked it better when the Velociraptors were out hunting people and being badasses, and not obeying the humans. We also see the T-Rex being used as an attraction for the theme park. Fun fact: it is the same T-Rex from the very first movie. That brought back a real nostalgia moment for fans of the franchise. We all love the T-Rex. There was no way in hell that the T-Rex was not going to be in the movie. In a way, the villains of the first movies are now somewhat the good guys in Jurassic World. Do we get a epic dinosaur battle at the end of the movie? You’ll just have to watch it!

Jurassic World

For all the stuff i loved about the movie, there were some things i did not like. The main thing for me was that the movie seemed to drag in the beginning. Yes, when we get to the park and the classic Jurassic Park theme is playing, you get goosebumps. A lot of people will love that scene. After that, it takes awhile for stuff to really start going. In my opinion, the movie doesn’t start until the Indominus Rex breaks out. That’s where the excitement begins. Fans of the franchise will also enjoy a scene where the boys visit the abandoned visitor center from the first film. The skeleton of a T-Rex and the banner that used to hang are all on the floor now(thanks to the T-Rex in the first film). That was my favorite part in my opinion. The movie was entertaining, but if only it started as strong as it finished, this movie would have exceeded expectations. It is the best sequel to Jurassic Park and that is a fact. Fans of the franchise will love this movie no matter what. I give Jurassic World a 8/10.


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