Ex Machina review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: The reclusive CEO of a hi-tech company (Oscar Isaac) recruits a brilliant young computer programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) to evaluate his latest invention — a highly advanced android named Ava (Alicia Vikander), which is supplied with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence ever conceived

Review: When most people think of movies that include robots and artificial intelligence, you think the Terminator series. Ex Machina is not one of those movies. It’s somewhat of a story of boy meets girl, which in this case is – boy meets robot. A movie that is almost on par with this is the movie HER. In that movie, the character falls in love with his operating system(no body, no face). In Ex Machina, the guy falls for a highly sophisticated android who bares a beautiful face, yet a robotic figure.


The film starts off with Caleb who is a programmer for the world’s most famous search engine, Bluebook(you thought i was going to say Google didn’t you?). He wins a company lottery to meet and visit the CEO of Bluebook, Nathan Bateman. Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style. Caleb takes a helicopter to the middle of nowhere aka Nathan’s estate. There, Nathan explains to Caleb that he will be apart of a Turing Test to see if Nathan’s creation of Artificial Intelligence is a success. Caleb then meets Ava(who happens to be the only other guy she has ever met) and the two start to get to know each other and build some kind of connection. At the same time, Ava informs Caleb that Nathan isn’t the man he appears and that’s where this roller coaster starts.

Ex Machina is a movie unlike any i have seen before. To be honest, i wouldn’t be surprised if Google or Apple ever creates some kind of AI. Nathan tells Caleb that he created Ava’s facial and voice emotions by hacking every cell phone on the planet. As if the people of this world already don’t think we are being watched. Oscar Isaac in my opinion is the man of the hour in Ex Machina. Iv seen a few of his movies before, but his performance in this movie as the dark and brilliant Nathan to me is his best. Alicia Vikander plays the android Ava very well too. Her innocent face and voice makes you feel sympathy towards an object that isn’t even supposed to be living. Especially how she plays the “prisoner” role as she is Nathan’s test subject. The way the director designed the model of Ava is great. The only human-like qualities she has are her face and hands. Every thing else is made of metal. The moment you feel compassion for Ava, the AI is working. Domhnall Gleeson is the weaker of the three playing Caleb. He does a good job, but i feel like he didn’t bring anything special to the table. You could have put any actor in that role and it would have been the same. I don’t think it’s entirely his fault though, Isaac and Vikander were just THAT good.


This movie explores the male/female relationship but with an android taking the females place. Ex Machina is a beautiful story that not only works on screen, but i didn’t want it to end. This is what science-fiction movies should be about. it’s been awhile since i’ve seen a sci-fi film this interesting. This movie deserves all the praise it is currently getting. This review isn’t as long as the other ones i have done, but that’s because i walked into the movie not knowing anything- and so should you. The less you know, the better. As of now, Ex Machina is the best movie i have seen this year. Especially with the ending that is sure to leave people speechless. I give Ex Machina a 10/10.


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