Get Hard review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart headline this Warner Bros. comedy about a wrongfully convicted investment banker who prepares for prison life with the help of the man who washes his car.


Review: You would think a movie with both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart would be an instant classic. I am a huge fan of both comedians and i pretty much watch any movie starring either of the two. Will Ferrell is a legend with many notable performances and characters. Kevin Hart is a hilarious stand-up comedian. He isn’t really much of a character actor, but that’s ok – because the man is funny being himself. So why did this movie miss a huge opportunity on being an instant classic? In my opinion, the right man wasn’t behind the camera for these two megastars.

The movie starts off with James King(Will Ferrell). He is a very wealthy, extremely successful hedge fund manager. From the moment you meet him, he comes across as a rich snob. In the company garage, he meets Darnell Lewis(Kevin Hart). Darnell owns the small independent car wash company that washes the company cars. He and his wife are trying to get their daughter in a better school than the one she is currently attending. Darnell makes a business offer to James(after unintentionally scaring him) about investing in his car wash company. James gives a speech about how he rose to success, and pretty much insults Darnell by giving him a $2 tip.
As an engagement party is being thrown for James by his gold-digging fiancee(with a sweet cameo from John Mayer btw), the cops crash the party and arrest James for fraud and embezzlement. For what seems like a week, he is pretty much miserable with the anticipation of going to prison. He then runs into Darnell – and with him being somewhat a little racist – assumes Darnell has been to jail and offers him to help. The two of them make a deal. Darnell helps James “get hard”, and in return, James pays Darnell $30,000. The only problem is that Darnell has never been to jail and must pretend to “be hard”.
On paper, this movie sounds like it would be a blast. Don’t get me wrong, both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart try as hard as they can to make this movie work. Unfortunately for them, it fails. The way the story played out on screen just didn’t flow as it should have. The studio should have had Ferrell’s best bud and regular director of his movies Adam McKay. I think if he would have helmed the film, it would have reached the potential we all know it should’ve been. The film does have it’s funny moments – one being Ferrell “this close” to joining a gang led by rapper T.I. That scene had me laughing for sure because we all love Ferrell when he gets into different characters. I’m starting to get scared for Kevin Hart because as much as i love the guy and his stand-up, he seems to be playing the same person every time. You can take his character from this movie, Soul Plane, Ride Along and somewhat picture him being the same guy in all of those movies. Just at different times in the characters life. I think it’s time Hart expands his movie roles, or either stick to his very successful and hilarious stand-up routine. I have too much respect for the guy to see him end up like how Eddie Murphy is doing right now. No disrespect Eddie, i’m a huge fan – it’s just you can do A LOT better! I would love to see Ferrell and Hart get another chance at starring in a movie together, this time the right way.
As much as the two try their hardest, the movie bombed to me. They tried to capitalize on the R-rating, but it back fired. Yeah you get some gay jokes, racist jokes in there, but that’s it. They even tried to make a scene work with Ferrell about to give head to another man(remember he is trying to get ready for prison), and even that didn’t work for me. If Adam McKay would have directed this movie, i feel like it could have been on the same level of success as Step Brothers. The movie depends on too many of the same stereotypical race jokes that we’ve ALL heard before. I guess Get Hard is worth renting on Redbox, but i wouldn’t pay over $10 a ticket to watch it. Maybe my expectations were too high. Somebody bring me a cowbell. I give Get Hard a 5/10.

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