Cinderella review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: An update of the classic tale of Cinderella who, saddled with an evil stepmother and two wicked stepsisters, manages to win the heart of the heir to the throne and become a princess herself.


Review: I will be honest with you, I don’t think i have ever seen the full 1950’s Disney animated classic “Cinderella”. I did know about the glass slipper, the “be back by midnight”, and The Fairy Godmother. AND THAT’S IT. There have been many different remakes of the beloved classic story of the orphan turned princess, but this may be the best to date. Before the movie started, i told my girlfriend that i may fall asleep. But once the movie started i can tell you that i was very much interested in the story. It was great.

The movie starts off with a younger “Ella” and her two loving parents. They look like a beautiful and happy family. If you have ever pictured what a perfect family has ever looked like in your head, this would be it. But like all Disney movies, tragedy hits when Ella’s mother gets sick. Ultimately, she passes away and Ella and her father live in the family house without her(of course with the maids too). Time passes and Ella gets older and that’s when Ella’s father meets Lady Tremaine(the mean stepmother) and her life gets even worse. Her father gets ill while traveling, passes away, and now she is stuck with her mean stepmother and ugly two step-sisters. She would leave the house but she knows her parents loved that house, so she loves the house in honor of them. Her life is pretty much a living hell as she is basically a slave to Lady Tremaine and her two daughters. Ella then leaves(on horse) to get some fresh air and meets a handsome young man named Kit hunting in the woods. They both hide their identities(him being the Prince and her being a house maid). Im assuming most of you know where the story goes from here because even if you haven’t seen the 1950’s classic of the same name, we all know what happens from here. He then sets up a Royal Ball and invited all of the land so he can hopefully find the mystery girl in the woods. Her step-mother forbids Ella to go to the Royal Ball, but we all know she gets there with a little help from her Fairy Godmother and the rest is history.


Lily James does a great job portraying the iconic princess Cinderella. She plays the innocent and kind character perfectly on screen. Watch the trailer and look how small this girl’s waist is. It’s crazy! James has been in other movies before, but i have no doubt that this movie will shoot her to stardom. Oh yea, and did i mention she’s pretty hot too? As good as Lily James is, the real scene stealer is Cate Blanchett who plays the evil step-mother Lady Tremaine. You know Cate is an excellent actress because every time she is on screen, you just have so much hate towards her. Most of the time i would tell my girlfriend, “Wow, what a bitch”. I almost forgot this movie wasn’t real. You need great actors/actresses to make you forget you are watching a movie and let your imagination run wild. The other supporting casts were great too, with Helena Bonham Carter playing The Fairy Godmother. Even tho she doesn’t have too much screen time, fans of the original animated film will be delighted when she says her catchphrase “Bippity Boppity Boo!” Richard Madden is a good enough actor to play Prince “Kit” Charming and I’m sure all the girls(including my girlfriend) won’t mind staring at him on the big screen.


One thing i will say about the film is that the sets and costumes are beautiful. You really get lost in the story. I WAS expecting to see the iconic Cinderella castle in the movie but i didn’t catch it. The Royal Ball scene was shot beautifully and very much enchanting. All the ladies’ dresses looked very elegant and rich. When Prince Charming and Cinderella were dancing in the middle of the floor, i told my girlfriend that we have to learn how to Waltz. Kudos to director Kenneth Branagh for not dropping the ball with this film. I’m sure a lot of people were expecting this to bust, but it did the complete opposite. Branagh did ok with Thor, but Thor was my least favorite film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(also now owned by Disney).


So there you have it, Cinderella was an excellent movie. It made me want to watch the cartoon just to see how similar it was. I am very sure fans of the original will no doubt love this modern remake of the beloved classic. It will also re-introduce the classic Princess to the new generation of Disney lovers. Whether you’re a fan of the classic, a Disney lover, or even just love good movies, Cinderella is a movie you do not want to miss. I give Cinderella a surprisingly 10/10.


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