Fifty Shades of Grey review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling book that has become a global phenomenon.

Review: I will start this review by saying – I have not read the Fifty Shades of Grey book. I am reviewing the movie based on the movie itself and unable to compare it with the book. If the book is anything like the movie, then i have no idea why people read it. The story didn’t make any sense to me. I was left confused a numerous of times. To top it off, this movie had more horrible acting than the Twilight saga. Actually, i would rather watch Twilight again than Fifty Shades of Grey.
The film starts off with a girl named Anastasia getting ready to interview the very successful Christian Gray on her roommates behalf. From there, the movie loses me. Yes – after 10 minutes of watching the movie I was ready to almost walk out. Of course i couldn’t walk out because my girlfriend would have killed me so I tried my hardest to sit through it. The thing that made Fifty Shades of Grey hard to watch was that it felt like everything happened for no apparent reason. It’s like it just happened. Picture starting a really complicating movie in the very middle and feeling completely lost. That’s how I felt the whole time.

The acting of the movie was also complete shit to me. Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey literally seems to have one expression the whole movie. The way Dornan played Grey reminded me of how Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen. It’s like you could have had both actors switch roles and you wouldn’t tell the difference. Dakota Johnson who played Anastasia might have been the only tolerable thing about the whole movie. The character herself felt a little dumb to me, but then again I never read the book. Oh yea, and if you are reading this and happen to love T&A in movies – this is your movie! I think there’s a nude scene almost every 15 minutes the more you get towards the end of the film.
This is a hard movie to review without spoiling for you. I don’t even think I could spoil it for you since I was lost the whole time. It felt like there was no plot at all, the character development felt useless, and the story itself felt dull. If it helps, there were a couple of nice romantic scenes(helicopter date anyone?) that made the movie a little bit easy to watch. But just as I start to think im enjoying it, the movie loses me yet again for two plus hours. I guess women loved the whole romantic + sex storyline of the novel and movie. Sorry folks, but Mr. Grey will NOT be seeing me again. I give Fifty Shades of Grey a 3/10.


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