RUMOR: Has J.J. Abrams requested Star Wars to be released sooner than December?


This is a rumor we would ALL love to be true. How many of you can’t wait till December? No, not for the holidays – BUT for Star Wars. Everybody knows Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases December 18, but is there a chance it could be released sooner? The rumor is that J.J. Abrams wants the film to release THIS Summer. Money wise, i think Star Wars would make much more in December than the Summer. You already have a stacked slate of movies from May-August(Avengers anyone?), but don’t get me wrong – Star Wars would kill the Summer too. The reason behind this is that supposedly, Abrams wants the film to release sooner to prevent spoilers. I can see that being true, BUT this is a rumor i DO NOT believe. Especially if you remember that Abrams wanted a Summer 2016 release but Disney wanted December 2015. With anymore, let alone Star Wars, you shouldn’t rush it just because of that. I’m sure most of the movies we watch are predictable, but that doesn’t make them any less good. This is an interesting story and somewhat believable tho. Stay tuned!


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