RUMOR: Suicide Squad to feature Ben Affleck?


Let me start off by saying, THIS IS A RUMOR. It could turn out to be real, but it could also be false too. If you don’t like spoilers, STOP READING….Ok still there? So word on the street is that Ben Affleck will show up at the end of the Suicide Squad movie to set up his solo Batman film. Guess who he will be rumored to have as his villain? Jared Leto’s The Joker. As we know, The Joker is in Suicide Squad. We also hear that most of The Joker’s screen time will be in a cell. Think Hannibal Lecter. Then him and the rest of the Suicide Squad break out at the end, which also includes him killing a bunch of people. Im assuming this would be the part where Ben Affleck shows up. What do you think about this rumor? Leave a comment!


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