Birdman review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: A washed-up actor, whose most-famous role was a superhero, makes a Broadway bid for glory.

Review: Birdman is a work of art. The writers MUST have been thinking of Michael Keaton while writing this film because it IS him. The fact he plays an actor who was famous for playing a superhero is hilarious. You do know Michael Keaton played Batman once upon a time right? This movie will do for Michael Keaton, what The Wrestler did for Mickey Rourke. Along with an ensemble cast, Birdman is one of the most interesting movies in the past couple of years.

The film follows Riggan Thompson(Michael Keaton), an actor once famous for portraying the superhero Birdman. As you can guess it, a lot of time has passed since he portrayed the winged hero. With his life(and career) going downhill, he decides to direct and star in a broadway play based on Raymond Carver’s “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”. While dealing with his personal life and career, Riggan also has to take care of his daughter-who is a recovering drug addict- played by Emma Stone. She helps him as being his assistant in the backstage area. After an accident during rehearsals leaves an actor injured, they find the popular broadway actor Mike Shiner(Edward Norton) to take his place. From there on out, personalities clash as Riggan(the movie actor) and Shiner(the broadway actor) have their own differences of how the play should go.
We all knew the Keaton/Batman reference was hilarious, but he wasn’t the only one who poked fun at himself. Here we have Edward Norton(who is great in almost any movie he is in) makes light of his reputation as being a “method actor”. Just incase you don’t know what a “method actor” is, it’s when the actor tries to develop lifelike performances. His character even got upset when he realized the crew switched his gin on stage with water. Yea, it’s the real deal. I even heard a joke about Norton’s character “quitting or being fired” from whatever he was doing before the play. I automatically thought of the whole Marvel/Hulk controversy.

As good as Norton was(i believe the first half of the movie belonged to him), Keaton raised the bar by the second half. You feel the pain he is going through. You show compassion over his character and sympathy. It is without a doubt Keaton’s best performance in recent memory. It also made me happy to hear that Norton and Keaton will both be getting Academy Award nominations this year, with Keaton having the better chance of taking the golden statue home. Emma Stone and Zach Galifianakis both carried the movie well with a good amount of screen time. But Michael Keaton’s comback is what everyone will be talking about after watching this movie. Kudos to Alejandro González Iñárritu for directing an incredibly smart film.
There was a bunch of stuff i loved about Birdman. Every performer knocked it out of the park, the movie was well shot(who doesn’t love long shots), and it leaves you with an ending that only YOU have the answer to. Birdman was a great movie to end the year of 2014. I give it a 10/10.


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