Hella Butter’s best and worst of 2014! by Jarrett Rodriguez

So here we are for HB’s first top movies list of 2014. This year brought some amazing cinematic adventures that blew our minds and some lesser ones that made us hurt a bit. Let’s jump in and see what we thought was the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

Best Comic Book movie
The rise of the comic book golden age is here and this year we saw it grow up. There were a ton of great movies based on comic books, from adult types like Sin City to kid types like Big Hero Six and the rest fell into the middle.
But the best of the year was the one that most didn’t see coming. We’re talking about Guardians of the Galaxy, which showed that Marvel could do no wrong, even with a property no one had ever heard of.

Best underrated movie
This was a bit of a hard category because there were so many great indie projects this year that raised the bar for cinema. Boyhood showed us what it is like to watch a child actually grow up on screen. Foxcatcher brought out the best/worst of Steve Carrell in a good way. And Jake Gyllenhaal blew everyone’s mind in NIghtcrawler.
But the most underrated film of this year flew so low under the radar that even saying its name gets you a look of huh? The Babadook seemingly came out of know where to be not only a great movie but mind fuck as well, one that leaves people guessing what the ending really meant. You probably haven’t seen it so what are you waiting for, go watch it.
Worst movie

Worst movie
Before we get into the best movie of 2014, let’s take a look at the other side, the worst of the worst. With every great movie that was released this year, 5 others were pretty bad and some were just awful. Lucy, which had so much potential from the trailers proved that even Scar Jo can’t save a badly laid out film. Maleficent took the best Disney villain and turned her into a hero, ruining her entire backstory. Its 2014 so any Adam Sandler movie is just too easy of a target. Same goes for Michael Bay films.
But the worst movie this year must go to Hercules. No, not the Dwayne Johnson one, the other one. Don’t remember it? Good, that means you didn’t see it. Congratulations, don’t see it.

Best movie
This was the hardest category because so many great films came out this year. Godzilla got rebooted in an excellent fashion. X-men brought different generations together for a reboot finale that left many excited. The Fault in our Stars made us weep for days after seeing it. And Wes Anderson continued to usurp what was possible in cinema with Grand Budapest Hotel.
But the best movie of all came from a little director called David Fincher. It brought story telling front and center and played with audiences’ emotions. Gone Girl deserves an amazing amount of recognition. Telling you anything about it ruins everything about it, it’s a film that no critic can review in great detail lest they ruin it for everyone. Gone Girl is HBs movie of the year and it rightly deserves it.

Best trailer of 2014
Trailers are a window into things that are to come and this year we got trailers for trailers that increased the hype for audiences to see these little 2 minute clips. From all the previews we have seen, 2015 is looking to be quite the big deal in film. Avengers 2 leaked early and gave everyone goosebumps and showing the first look at Ultron was amazing. Jurassic World brought a sense of nostalgia to anyone who grew up with Jurassic Park.
But the best trailer of 2014 created so many conversations this year. It ruined friendships and relationships. It brought out the best and worst in people. And it created its own collection of memes. Of course, we are talking about Star Wars episode 7. Still a year away, the trailer had many people fighting for or against everything that was shown in the trailer. A month later and people are still talking about the cross-hilt lightsaber. We have been set up for 2015 and going in, we have much to look forward to.


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