Interstellar review by Jarrett Rodriguez!

Plot: “Interstellar” chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.
Review: Few moments in cinematic history have the rare impact on people that leaves them speechless, that movie that you never want to end, that you just cannot explain, it’s something that needs to be experienced. Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is one such movie, it’s a cinematic adventure that needs to be experienced, preferably in large scale theaters, to truly grasp what the Nolan’s have accomplished here.

“Interstellar” is a reviewer’s worst nightmare. It is impossible to write about in full detail without giving away many plot details, so I am going to keep the spoilers to minor. Interstellar tells a story that hits close to home. Earth is slowly dying and is getting harder and harder to sustain life. Farmers have become a requirement and corn is the last remaining thing that can fully grow. In the middle of all of this is Cooper, a NASA pilot turned farmer who grows corn to keep his family a float. We are introduced to his children, his daughter, Murph, who believes there is a ghost in her room, and his son, Tom, who is on track to become a farmer much to his father’s distress. When Copper and Murph stumble on a secret base that houses NASA, Copper gets recruited to fly into space and save the planet.
That’s to sum up the story in the most basic sense. The story is full of so many moments that, for a movie that’s running is close to three hours, it barely feels like it is. Matthew McConaughey brings Cooper to life in a performance that could have been very one dimensional had anyone else played it. But McConaughey makes it feel fresh and believable. Anne Hathaway also turned in a performance that is well above what she is used to portraying in other roles. Her character, Amelia Brand, is a strong woman whose life has been nothing but trying to save the human race. Her father, Dr. Brand, portrayed by Michael Cain, plays the same mentor that he has in the past. It was nothing ground breaking but solid none the less.

“Interstellar” is a very character driven film, but it is also a Nolan film, so expect the visuals and direction to blow your mind. What is amazing about this film is that they worked with Physicist Kip Throne to imagine what the universe would look like. The black hole scene is truly breathtaking and the explanation of why it looks the way it does is brilliant. Some have been giving Nolan a lot of heat for the ending of the film, which throws science out in favor of a more personal ending that leaves metaphors up to interpretation. All I can say to that is, it is a Nolan film, he can do whatever he wants and if you missed what the ending was about, that’s more your fault than his.
All in all, “Interstellar” is a triumph that’s only rival is Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey. Nolan has treated us to a film that takes us to places we may never see in our life time, yet makes it personal enough that we connect to it. This is a movies that should not be missed. 9.5/10.


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