Jesse Eisenberg talks about playing Lex Luthor in upcoming Batman V Superman!


Finally a little something about Jesse Eisenberg! We’ve been getting all these set photos, ice bucket challenges, but we’ve yet to hear anything from the man playing Lex Luthor – until now! As you all may know already, Eisenberg has been casted to play Superman’s arch nemesis, Lex Luthor. A lot of people have voiced their opinion on the casting, some bad and some good. We have yet to see a picture of the actor as Luthor but we do have a little interview he did with Total Film about playing the super villain. One of the things he said was that it wasn’t about the money:

My father always cautions me against thinking of something as a means to some other end, because then its irresponsible to the ‘means’ thing…They asked me if I wanted to play the part before they sent me the script. I’m not sure how it worked, but it’s something I read with the understanding that I could do the role, If I… [stops] You know, they don’t just hand the scripts out. But I really liked it on its own terms. I would do it if it was for free and it was tiny.

He also explains that be spoke with screenwriter Chris Terrio about playing the role of Luthor:

There are some indications of how the character should behave based on the script, and then as actor makes it his or her own. I got to know one of the writers really well, Chris Terrio, and we were able to discuss things at length and figure out who this person is to create a real psychology behind what is, perhaps, in a comic book, a less than totally modern psychology. I can only say I’ve been asked to play an interesting role: a complicated, challenging person.



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