Batman vs Superman vs Captain America by Jarrett Rodriguez

Two days ago, fanboys and nerds everywhere let out a sigh of relief as Warner Brothers announced that their game of chicken with Marvel was done, moving Batman Vs Superman from the May 6th release date to March 25th, beating Captain America 3 by two whole months. I thank the universe for this move, as releasing two big movies like this back to back would lead to a tremendous amount of backlash from both fans and movie theaters in general.

My reasoning behind this is that, back in January when Warner first announced it would be releasing BvsS on the same day as the Captains third (and in case of Chris Evans perhaps final) movie, the argument over DC vs Marvel started to become more heated. The argument was this; who would win the box office weekend? Both the Batman and Superman are more well known characters to the world of course but with Marvel making huge steps towards taking over the comic book movies, their lesser known characters are becoming just as iconic and well known as the DC’s two big power houses. (See our Guardians of the Galaxy review for proof of that.)
I’m sure DC fans were not scared about the release of Captain America 3 at first; that is until Winter Soldier released earlier this year and blew the doors off of not only comic book movies but movies in general (see the Captain America: Winter Soldier review for more info). Marvel proved that they could make serious films with their characters that could rival even Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. And then the news leaked that Captain America himself Chris Evans was retiring from acting after his contract with Marvel was up, with Cap 3 being his last. This of course leads to what took place at the end of Winter Soldier.

With Marvel throwing its Disney size weight around, it is easy to see why DC made the decision to move the film up a couple of months. As recognizable as Batman and Superman are, the backlash behind the film has already been greatly recorded, with people hating that Ben Affleck was picking up the Bat suit. Though I myself think that he playing the Dark Knight was a bold, possibly great choice for Zack Synder, it’s hard to not be a little nervous about it. The question is, would you be willing to risk it and bypass Captain America 3 for it? Or would you maybe go see Cap 3 and then attempt to sneak into BvsS to see if it is any good? Or vice versa? To the average moviegoer, this is a more likely scenario.

This of course, goes to why movie theaters would complain about the release of both movies on the same day. Having to keep security tight for both films would be tiresome for the average theater. There is no way you could keep track of all of the people flooding in and out without checking tickets on every show constantly. The resources just would not be there and they would be out money. Of course, Warner Brothers and Marvel would be out money as well, and figuring out the math was probably not a tough task.
That’s why I feel that this move has saved DC and Marvel from losing revenue they would have lost. Fanboy or not, with the movies spread farther apart, the chance that people will go see both of them is a lot higher and thus, more revenue in their pockets. People will still flock to see Batman fight Superman without the worry of having to see Captain fight his final battle. Of course, this doesn’t end the fight of who will make the better movie; only time will tell on that one. But regardless, the battle is now more evenly matched. So to quote a memorable line from another fantastic film released this year “let them battle.”


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