Guardians of the Galaxy review by Jarrett Rodriguez!


Plot: In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan.
Review: When Guardians of the Galaxy was first announced as part of Marvel’s phase 2, it seemed to split Marvel fans into two different groups; those that had heard of the Guardians and were excited and those that had never heard of them and wondered why Marvel would make a movie about a talking raccoon. With Guardians in theaters now, the divide between fans will no longer be an issue, GotG is everything you love about Marvel movies and summer blockbusters all in one fantastic package that will leave you wanting more.

The focus of the story is purely on the Guardians themselves, which is actually great because it makes you feel more connected the characters in a short of amount of time. From the moment you meet Peter Quill aka Starlord, there’s an immediate likeability that just grows overtime. This of course is helped by Chris Pratt, who is already a likeable guy playing Andy from Parks and Rec. Pratt’s Starlord is the most likeable Marvel character since Robert Downey Jr first dawned the Iron Man suit in 2008. Starlord comes off as a cross between Han Solo and Indiana Jones which is just great. The rest of the cast is just as much of a standout. Zoe Saldana is great as Gamora, daughter of Thanos. She’s a skilled killer who has some of the best fight scenes in the film. Dave Bautista was the biggest surprise of the film for me. Playing Drax the destroyer, Bautista was one of the funniest characters in the film, with his literal meaning of everything and laughing at the worst times. Of course, Guardians is nothing without the duo that stands out the most and the two most fans were concerned about how Marvel was going to do them. Rocket Raccoon and Groot together are the best duo on screen in quite some time. Bradley Cooper brings Rocket to life better than anyone could have ever expected, with the perfect amount of sarcasm and Groot, well even though it may not be Vin Diesels most challenging role, he did admirable job with three lines throughout the whole film. Also seeing Rocket jump onto Groots back and gun down an entire fleet of troopers is just too exciting for words.
The villains of the film are equally just as good of course, but referring back to what was mentioned earlier, the film is not about them. That being said, seeing the almighty Thanos for the first time in full form is a bit overwhelming. Josh Brolin voiced the character and does great at it but seeing him sitting on the throne; let’s just say fanboys are going to lose it. Also Bencio Del Toro as the collector is just fantastic for so many reasons. Let’s just say I hope you keep your eyes from blinking because there is a lot of stuff hidden. Speaking of which, the Marvel ending credits are something of a mixed bag. Not because it is not good, it’s actually the greatest moment I have seen in a while. What makes it a mixed bag is that the reference is one that is older than most movie goers will get unless you know your 80s movies, particularly Marvels first movie. Of course this is spoiler free so that’s all I will say to that.

One of the best things about the film is that every character gets scenes with each other so it becomes so much more believable that this band of losers would end up fighting for each other and for the universe. It’s a great touch from director James Gunn, who has proven himself by creating a movie that stays incredibly close to the source material, more than any comic book movie I have ever encountered. He shows a tremendous amount of skill behind the camera and I can see why Marvel went ahead and announced Guardians 2 already, they knew they had hit on their hands from the start. The movie creates its own world while simultaneously connecting with the world that has already been put forth from Marvel. The excitement of one day seeing the Guardians with the Avengers is something that is tough to comprehend.
So, should you go see Guardians of the Galaxy? That’s a huge yes, whether you know the material or not, it’s a great ride and the best summer blockbuster of the year. The Guardians are here, we are very thankful for it. 9/10


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