22 Jump Street review by Teejay McFly!


Plot: Officers Jenko and Schmidt are back and ready for some action after surviving high school for the second time. Much like the first, the two are investigating a deadly drug, this time hitting the local college campus. Undercover, they attempt to discover the identity of the drug dealer, and how much of their department’s budget they will waste to stop them and catch the bad guy.
Review: 21 Jump Street was surprisingly one of the funniest and entertaining movies of the past couple years. It was such a surprise hit that the sequel, 22 Jump Street, even jokes about it. The Jump Street series clearly has a “Bad Boys” type vibe to it which is a good thing. This is one series that i hope will last a long time. As you can tell, i enjoyed the hell out of 22 Jump Street. I literally caught myself laughing and clapping almost every 10 minutes.

The story picks up right after the first film(even showing on screen “previously on 21 Jump Street”) and has Jenko(Channing Tatum) and Schmidt(Jonah Hill) going to college. Only makes sense since their first bust was in high school. I love the sequence with the chief telling them that they have a bigger budget and to do the exact same thing they did last time. For those of you who don’t get it, because 21 Jump Street(the movie) did so successful, the movie studio added more money to the budget of 22 Jump Street. Also implying to “do the same thing” because the first was such a success. There are ALOT of inside jokes like this in the movie.
So Janko and Schmidt are assigned to Metro City University(MCU) to go undercover and find the drug dealers. Your typical undercover cop story. This time around the drug is called “WHYPHY”(WORK HARD, YES. PLAY HARD, YES). They start making friends with the people you’d expect them to. Janko gets in good with the jocks while Schmidt hangs with the art majors. Janko gets a new BFF by the name of Zook(Wyatt Russell). They hit it off about as perfect as you can think of. Too good to be true? I’ll let you find out how that goes. Schmidt becomes really close with a very pretty girl named Maya(Amber Stevens) and even starts dating her. Too bad Maya’s roommate Mercedes(Jillian Bell) seems to be the biggest killjoy for Schmidt. It’s pretty much the same premise as the first one – they get in really close with their friends, but separate themselves from each other. Well the recipe worked again for this sequel.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum can pass as BFFs on-and-off screen. Their chemistry doesn’t miss a step from the first film. Kudos to Channing Tatum for stepping up his game once again. Now i am really excited to see him play Gambit(i’ll save that for another article). Jonah Hill once again proves that he is one of the new kings of comedy of this generation. You want a hit? Sign Jonah Hill to your movie. Ice Cube also comes back for the sequel(and even jokes about getting a bigger raise) to lead our heroes. Ice Cube ONCE AGAIN almost steals every scene he is in. He has a lot more to do this time around and i am not complaining. I really don’t want to get into detail, but goddamn is that man funny when given the chance.
The whole vibe of the sequel feels a lot bigger and funner. Obviously from the increase of the budget. There are more car chases, explosions, and on screen animations. One of the clever things i did like about 22 Jump Street was the split screen usage. The cameos were hilarious and may i suggest you stay while the credits are rolling. Thumbs up to directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord for following up 21 Jump Street AND their recently successful The Lego Movie with 22 Jump Street. I give 22 Jump Street a solid 9/10!


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