Blended review by Jarrett Rodriguez


People love Adam Sandler. It’s true, year after year he releases worse and worse movies and yet we still frock to the theaters to go see them. After Jack and Jill, Grown Ups 2, and “That’s my Boy”, one would think the nostalgia of his films would be wearing thin. That’s the attitude most had when “Blended” was announced. The big selling point was that he and Drew Barrymore would be working together for the first time since 50 first dates. Though not as bad it could have been, “Blended” still leaves much to be desired.
“Blended” stars Sandler and Barrymore who are set up on a blind date that goes horribly. Sandler plays Jim Friedman, a single father with three daughters who works at a Sporting Goods store. He treats his daughters like boys, having them all wear track suits and barbershop hairstyles. Barrymore plays Lauren Reynolds who is a divorcee with two boys and asshole ex-husband (played by Joel McHale). When Laurens best friend bails on a vacation her current boyfriend set up, who happens to be the boss of Jim, they end up sharing the same trip to Africa and hilarious expected results happen.

This is a romantic comedy, so we all know what to expect it from it, seeing how this is the third collaboration between Sandler and Barrymore. They start out hating each other and then go over time fall in love. It’s predictable from start to finish. Of course, predictability is not always a bad thing and though it does hold the movie back, it is still enjoyable, mostly due to the supporting cast. Cameos by older characters from Sandler and Barrymore’s earlier movies are welcome easter eggs, especially since the characters are obscure enough that only people who have seen the other films will get them.
Other supporting roles that did great were Shaquille O Neal, who plays a worker at Dicks sporting goods store and Terry Crews, who always shows up to sing the awkward moments away, its cheesy but its Terry Crews so it is funny. The kids also have some funny and sincere moments sprinkled throughout the film. Barrymore does a decent job with the character of Lauren, if a little flat. Sandler seems like he is going with the motions, adding nothing to the character.
“Blended” is not an awful movie, it is just nothing we have not seen before and that’s what holds it back from being a classic Sandler film. One of the biggest problems it faces is that the first half of the film takes forever setting up a premise that we already knew about before even heading to Africa. The runtime of the film could have been cut by a good amount. If you are in the mood for a RomCom, give it a shot, but honestly you are better off seeing “X-Men: days of the future past” this weekend than “Blended”. 5/10.


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