A Million Ways to Die in the West review by Jarrett Rodriguez

Seth MacFarlane is back again after his huge hit “Ted” surprised move goes with an adult comedy that didn’t pull any punches, this time tackling the old west in way that really has not been done since Mel Brooks did with the classic “Blazing Saddles.” Even though it does not quite hit the same level as that classic movie, “A Million Ways to Die” is still one of the best comedies of the year and should not be missed.
The story centers on Albert (played by Seth MacFarlane), a sheepherder who seems very aware that the time he lives in is incredibly dangerous.
Everything in the west is out to kill people and there is not much anyone can do about it. After losing his girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) to a rich, mustached man (played by Neil Patrick Harris in all his glory) he meets a new woman in town names Anna (Charlize Theron) who tries to teach him to be a man and shoot like a man. Of course, hilarity ensues that will keep you laughing the entire time.

It seems like everybody brought their A game to this film, playing it very loose and cool which makes all the characters that much more likeable. In fact, that’s really the only problem I could find with the film, in that some characters I feel deserved more screen time than others. Seth MacFarlane did a tremendous job playing Albert, as he is finally doing acting and not just voicing a character and Charlize Theron is as great as ever, playing the tough woman in the west. But I would have loved to see more of NPH, as some of the funniest moments happen with him, including a sexualized take on mustaches and a throwback to How I Met Your Mother that had the audiences laughing. Sarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi are two that should have also had bigger roles, it was hilarious to see Silverman talking about her day being a prostitute but wanting to wait to have sex until she was married. The only character that didn’t exactly steal the show was Liam Nesson as Clinch, mostly because there was not that much funny surrounding him.
Like “Ted”, the best moments came from the star cameos that popped up out of nowhere. Unfortunately, because they are so great, to ruin them would be a travesty. All that can be said is that you will see faces that you will not be expecting and hopefully you remember your Wild West movies from the past. Also be sure to look out for Ryan Reynolds, who just loves to have great small cameos that you’ll miss if you blink.
This is a Seth Macfarlane film to the end, it will keep you laughing till the credits start rolling. Though it is not quite on the same level as “Ted”, mostly due to the surprise factor not really being there, it is still a great movie that should not be missed, just remember, people die at the fair. 8/10.


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