Have you ever seen a movie and said “wow, i pretty much seen most of the movie in the trailer?” Well you’re not the only one. If you can pretty much see the start, middle, and ending in the trailer, they already gave too much away. The studios should be leaving as much of the movie out as possible. I get it, you want to draw the audience in, but why ruin the movie experience. One of the reasons why i love movies so much is because i forget about everything in life. It helps me escape. Why should the first viewing of a movie be ruined just by the trailer? The first viewing should be the most magical. After that first viewing you will know if you want to watch that movie again, or if you will skip it the chance you get.

Teaser trailers are how long a regular movie trailer should be. Keep it as short as possible. 1 minute – 1 minute and 30 seconds would be a perfect time length. Not no 3 – 4 minute trailers. And sure as hell not no 10 minute previews. Most of the time, the trailers show the best parts! Wouldn’t you want to be surprised when you watch it? Perfect example: Terminator: Salvation. Instead of going to the theater and saying “HOLY SHIT ARNOLD’S TERMINATOR IS IN THE MOVIE”, we seen it in the trailer. Transformers, we see mostly every big action sequence in the trailers. THERE IS NOMORE SHOCK VALUE. Sure you can say 85% of movies are predictable, but why ruin the experience? Yea you know the good guy wins or makes it home, but why see that actual scene in the trailer. Try this, watch a movie and then watch the trailer after. Sometimes you see the last scene of the movie in the trailer.

Trailers are the most important marketing tool for a film. It gets the people talking and gains interest. Don’t kill our imagination of wondering what will happen in the movie if you already gave it away in the trailer.


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