Robert Downey Jr. talks about Chris Evans as Cap and the future of Marvel.


You can easily say that if it wasn’t for the success of Iron Man, there would be no Marvel Cinematic Universe. If that movie didn’t get as many good reviews as it did(oh yea and the shit ton of money it made), the studio probably wouldn’t have had as much hype for future superhero movies. And who was it that played Tony Stark? Robert Downey Jr. This was one of those once in a lifetime type castings. Robert Downey Jr IS Tony Stark. Just like Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. RDJ recently spoke to Variety about all things Marvel.

On telling Chris Evans to take the role of Captain America:

There was so much riding on (playing the part of) what essentially could be considered the squarest superhero in history. It was probably the most risky of the franchises we launched. I say “we,” like I’m a company man, which I like to think I am. By the way, I’m a fan of his.

On how many Marvel movies he has left in him and how his age compares to the rest of the cast:

The smart money is you have to look at everybody’s age. I’ll put myself at the top of the list. Sooner or later, they’ve got to start over and get somebody young. I’m not there with them yet. It really is the closest thing to being a beloved contract player with a big old-timey studio that there is right now. When you really think about it at the end of the day, these films are entertainment largely driven by young folks. There is something very honorable about that. I run into kids wearing “Captain America” masks. My kid believes that Captain America is real.

The good and bad things about playing a superhero:

It’s kind of like having a really cool TV job. They are always hoping they don’t get picked up for another season; or they are wondering if they’re going to get picked up for another season; or they have done so many seasons, and they are already sick of doing the show, but the show is so big, it’s working well for them. Any of those three things is better than calling your agent and saying, ‘Hey, anything going on? It’s pilot season.’ ”

On The Avengers: Age of Ultron:

This one is a very ambitious sequel. If you read it, it’s dense, it’s smart. Joss (Whedon) is a really smart guy. My 2-year-old is crazy about Hawkeye, and I think Jeremy (Renner) has a lot to do with the plot. There’s always so many plates to spin to get these things half-right, and I’m really excited about this one.

We all know the day is coming fairly soon to which we will have a new Tony Stark. Id assume he has a couple of more movies left in him. For now we shall just enjoy the ride. Thank you RDJ.


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