Does Batman vs Superman exist within Nolan’s universe?


As of now this is simply just a rumor. A pretty big plot rumor. This type of news should be taken with a grain of salt since nothing has been confirmed by the studio. So you have officially been warned. Scroll past the picture to read the potential spoilers!


Alright so we have gotten word that Batman vs Superman will happen many years after The Dark Knight Rises. We have heard that Bruce Wayne will be 40 yrs old and “retired” from crime fighting. Makes sense since he faked Batman’s death in TDKR. The events of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series has happened within the same universe, but won’t be the main focus. Wayne is rebuilding Gotham with the help of Robin(Not Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this movie). He even starts a BatFamily with many other crime fighting proteges.

Wayne also makes BatDrones and BatAndroids to roam around Gotham and keep the city safe. Gotham is now also known as Batman’s city. Many believe that even tho Batman is gone, he is still watching over the city. People even accuse Wayne as being the Dark Knight, to which he replies that he only helped Batman by financing his operation and that he has never met him.

The report also claims that after witnessing the destruction of Metropolis(events of Man of Steel), Wayne decides to help rebuild the city the same way he rebuilt Gotham. That means he will have to team with Lex Luthor and LexCorp(something he isn’t too happy about). We reported a potential scene a couple months back which involved Wayne and Luthor having a meeting about rebuilding Metropolis. If this ALL turns out to be true, it just made the movie a lot more interesting. I can’t wait!


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