The rise of the Comic Book….Movie by Jarrett Rodriguez.

We live in the golden age of being a nerd. Comic Book movies are flooding the movie market one after another and fans cannot be more excited. Its funny cause over a decade ago, comic book films were more a niche market. Things changed in 2000 and 14 years later, the business has moved to different means. 14 years ago, we were given the amazing marvel action film, X-Men.

Say what you will about X-Men but it was the start of the comic book golden age we are living in now. What do I mean about the golden age of comic book movies? Well go to any movie website and try not to see some sort of information on the latest comic book movie. It was not like that more than a decade ago. Things have changed, the world waits in anticipation for the latest news on upcoming big comic book movies. At the moment of this writing, a Comic Con teaser trailer of the upcoming the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron film has over 3 and a half million views.
After the release of X-Men, studios saw that they could make some serious money on comic action films. Prior to X-Men, the only notable superheroes to ever really make a dent in the box office was Batman and Superman, two of the most iconic heroes in Comic Book Lore. The problem was both those characters were owned already by Warner Bros. and the lesser known characters from other universes, including the Marvel one, were overlooked cause they weren’t as recognizable to the public as the others.

Blade was Marvel’s first attempt at making a film and though it saw moderate success, it was the X-Men follow up that truly started the trend. After it performed so well at the box office, studios started buying up all the marvel properties they could. This of course has led to us fans never being able to see Spiderman fight with the Avengers or the X-Men, but even with the separation of this universe, the movies that have been made have managed to still become successful.
The Avengers alone is one of the most successful movies of all time, third in fact. Spiderman was incredibly successful too and has already seen a reboot of the franchise. With these movies being performing so well the production of them has increased rapidly, this year alone we are treated to four movies based on Marvel properties. It now seems like studios are banking on these films to make them a lot of money. I find it weird to think of a time when these films were so overlooked.

​It is not just Marvel enjoying the huge amount of success either, as Warner Bros and DC have paid attention and constructed some brilliant films of its own, taking Batman and Superman and making them based more on real life has proven a successful formula. People are combing the web for any latest news on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie which is even expected out for another two years.
I believe these films have been more influential than in just monetary ways. Not too long ago liking comic book was considered nerdy or geeky. Having these movies become more popular gave people the okay to like nerdy stuff. Now you can find jocks talking about the latest Thor or Avengers movie with gust. Girls are way more open about loving
Superheroes as well, the landscape has changed and the ones to thank are the studios for backing up these really big movies with bigger and bigger budgets and stars. For most people I know their love affair with Marvel began with Iron Man, which started the Marvel universe movies which will be expanded even more this year with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

You would think after 14 years you would think these movies would grow stale or people would lose interest but Marvel has shown that they love to innovate and not just continue with the status quo. Guardians seems to be the most drastic risk they have taken in a while, as it is a property that is not known by the majority of people out there and yet the trailer has already been viewed 14 million times in the last two weeks, suggesting that if Marvel pulls it off they will have yet another huge hit on their hands.
The days of being picked on for liking superheroes seems to being dying out as Marvel and DC become bigger and bigger franchises. The new millennium belongs to the nerd. We nerds should be praising the studios for finally seeing that fantasy films can achieve a level of success that has really never been seen by any other type. The studios should also be thanking the fans for making these films as successful as they are. As a nerd myself, I feel the way they can repay us is by paying it forward and keep on making the movies we love with the characters we love bigger and better.


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