300: Rise of an Empire review by Jayson Perez.


Plot: We’ve seen how the epic battle between King Leonidus(Gerard Butler) and his 300 Spartans fought against King Xerxes(played by Rodrigo Santoro) and his Persian army. This follow-up movies explains how Athenian General Themistocles(played by Sullivan Stapleton) gathers his army and goes against Xerxes’ second in command Artemisia(played by Eva Green) at the same time. Man this must’ve been one crazy war.

Review: This could really just be a dramatized history lesson with the most epic fight scenes, it’s pretty arguable actually. I’m not too educated on this part of history but from what I remember it seems pretty accurate. They did manage to do a pretty good job in my opinion. Personally, I really enjoyed the action scenes it kept me in so in tune with the story. They did an excellent job of briefly explaining the backbone stories of the villains, the way they explained how Artemisia(Green) was born in Caria and was taken as a young girl onto a Persian ship where she was beaten and raped by the crew mates. They left her off the dock somewhere in Persia where she was found by a guard. They took her in and trained her to be a vicious soldier and as she progressed King Darius(played by Igal Naor) who is Xerxes father grew impressed and took her in as a daughter.
They also went into depth with how Xerxes(Santoro) became a God and the challenges he went through. So this happened within a 10 year span. The story goes that at the end of the battle of Marathon as King Darius(Naor) is retreating in his ships, Themistocles(Sullivan) finds a bow and arrow laying so his takes into action and quickly launches the arrow. Xerxes spots him quickly and runs to the end of his ship to protect his father but was still not quick enough to get to him, as Darius is turning he takes a deep arrow to the chest. There was a scene where Darius is laying on his deathbed he calls for Artemisia to be there along with Xerxes, before she pulls the arrow out he whispers to her that she can convince Xerxes that he’s fit for the throne and well enough she did which leads the movie to introduces his long reign with vengeance and his hate for Themistocles.
The fight scenes were epic, truly amazing. I honestly thought that the first 300 movie had really good fight scenes and wondered how they could beat it, that’s exactly what they managed to do. The fight scenes became the cherry on top, man this movie really went above and beyond compared to the first one. Definitely worth watching and I’m predicting it’s gonna be big once it comes out. I say 9/10 seems pretty acceptable for this movie.


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