Why hasn’t Leonardo Dicaprio won an Academy Award???? By Jarrett Rodriguez

With the nominations announced for the Academy Awards, a thought that has always been in the back of my head flared up again; why hasn’t Leonardo Dicaprio won an Oscar for any of the roles he has portrayed?
With Dicaprio’s newest film, the Wolf of Wall Street up for five awards, including best picture, best actor, and best supporting actor, it gives me hope the he will finally walk away with the award that I feel he should have won a long time ago.

Leonardo Dicaprio started his career at an early age doing commercials and TV shows. He transitioned into films and really has not looked back since. His role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was his first nomination, and there has been three more since then, with the Aviator, Blood Diamond, and now The Wolf of Wall Street.

What surprises me is that I can name so many more movies that feel like he has done an amazing job in and should have taken the award. Titanic obviously comes to mind first, seeing as the year the movie came out almost everyone attached to the film won an Oscar, taking home 11 academy awards. But Leonardo Dicaprio went home empty that night. I know people can argue against his role in that film but I thought he did a great job with that character.

Even if you did not like Titanic, try saying something bad about his performance in Gangs of New York. Scorsese’s take on the Five Points battle was amazing and I feel like Dicaprio did a great job in that film. I think the only problem is that Daniel Day Lewis, who played the ‘Butcher” overshadowed Dicaprio. There is really nothing you can do about that one, Daniel Day Lewis does a movie every five years and each time his strong performance is the star of the film.
There are just so many movies that he has been in that are just so amazing. Catch Me If You Can was great and enjoyable, The Aviator was a great Scorsese film that is overlooked more than it deserves, though he was nominated for his performance by the Academy Awards. Blood Diamond was amazing, a super powerful film that is hard to forget, he was again nominated for his roll but again passed up. Then you have the Departed, which in my opinion was one of his best performances, Inception which is hard not to love, Shutter Island which was fantastic.

I am sure there are more that people can name and that is my point. The man has so many amazing films under his belt, he deserves more recognition than he gets. I just do not understand, I just feel like the Academy has been cruel to him and I do not want to see him over passed this year for his performance. As everyone has heard, The Wolf Of Wall Street has been in a bit of controversy for its depiction of sex, drugs, and money and many people were afraid that the Academy would snub them from the show. Alas that was not the case and for that I am glad.

If you read my review of The Wolf Of Wall Street back in December, than you already know how I feel about the film and how great it was. With Scorsese, Dicaprio, and Hill all up for Awards, I cross my fingers and hope they all walk away with it. But most of all, I want to see Dicaprio walk away with an award, his performance was legendary and left a mark on me and I feel most who have seen it. It will forever be a quotable film that is for sure. We will find out March 2 if it finally happens,in the mean time, go check out The Wolf of Wall Street if you have not seen it.


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