The Wolf of Wall Street Review by Jarrett Rodriguez!

Synopsis: Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, drug-addict, womanizer and wealthy stockbroker, who lived the life of a millionaire using other people’s money until his misdeeds caught up with up.

Review: Martin Scorsese is one of those names you notice instantly. The director of so many classic films like Goodfellas, the Departed, and Taxi, when I see that Scorsese is attached to a film, I know it is one to pay attention too. The Wolf of Wall Street continues the same tradition that Scorsese is known for, compelling story, edge of your seat drama, perfect timing comedy, but perfects every thing that Scorsese is known for. With an amazing cast and brilliant screenplay, Wolf of Wall Street may be not only one of the best movies of the year but may go down as one of his best films of all time.
Wolf of Wall Street stars Leonardo Dicarpio as Jordan Belfort, a big name, wall street stock broker whose life gets sucked up in the glitz of money and drugs. The film follows Belfort from a just starting out straight edge stock broker whose shown the good life by his boss (played by Matthew McConaughey, whose small roll is a highlight for the film) to a full blown millionaire wall street crook. Some of the very best scenes of the film involve him and his fellow team discussing what they are going to do with all there money, like buying hookers or midgets that they can throw at targets. This movie is not what you are expecting and the direction Scorsese takes with his cast is brilliant.

Jonah Hill who plays Donnie Azoff, does a great job of supporting Dicaprio on screen, bringing a lot of comedy but can still be taken seriously when the film calls for it, even with his very noticeable prosthetic teeth. Dicaprio and Hill have great chemistry on screen but the entire cast deserves credit for their performances, Margot Robbie in particular. She did an amazing job playing Naomi, Belfort’s love interest; her performance likens me back to Sharon Stones performance in Casino, you love her when she’s on screen but you never really trust her.
The cast was perfectly chosen for this film and plays to the subject matter perfectly, which may or may not appeal to a wide audience. Scorsese does not normally shy away from showing the most extreme moments, but Wolf Of Wall Street takes the rated R it received with glee. The film is full of moments of sex and drugs, from Belfort’s sexual fetishes that he develops to him and Azoff sharing Quaalodes and snorting coke, this is definitely not a film for kids or those easily offended. But if you can look past that you will find a remarkable movie. The way in which Scorsese filmed this movie is brilliant, its a bright, colorful movie that has Belfort occasionally breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience. I also love that you can tell the year they are in by the music that is playing.

There is so much charm in this film and like a lot of Scorsese’s best films, these characters would be considered the antagonist but here you weirdly find yourself rooting for them, even if you know they’re crooks. These men basically steal money from both rich and poor people but I got a smile on my face every time they got away with their schemes.
When I first saw the Wolf of Wall Street Trailer, I was not sure what to expect, was it going to be funny or more dark humor. Now having seen it, I can say that the film hits the perfect mark of comedy and serious issues that will forever become a classic. Leonardo Dicaprio deserves much praise for this role and I hope he walks away with awards for this one, he definitely deserves it the entire cast deserves praise. With Scorsese saying he only has a couple movies left in him, the Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best ways to lead up to his opus. It gets me excited to see what he does next. In the mean time, go see this movie when it releases, you will not be disappointed 10/10.


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