Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones review by Jayson Perez.

Synopsis: This latest entry in the Paranormal Activity series wraps up the story and brings everything full circle. This time around in Oxnard, CA. It’s June 2012 and the main character Jesse (played by Andrew Jacobs) just graduated high school with plans of enjoying summer. Everything seems to be going well until one night the “crazy neighbor” Anna(Gloria Sandoval) was murdered by one of his peers named Oscar(Carlos Pratts). Being curious on what happened Jesse and his best friends Hector(Jorge Diaz) and Marisol(Gabrielle Walsh) decide to snoop around until they stumble upon something they wish they hadn’t.

Review: Writer and director Christopher Landon grabs a whole cast of fresh faces for this one. Personally, I think that this might be the best Paranormal Activity yet. Looking past the quick pop up scenes and everything that normally pulls in the audience, I actually enjoyed watching this movie. This one really focuses on the story and the whole motive on why these demons pick the kids that they do. So this actually goes way further than Katie and her sister. A covenant has been looking across the country for specific children they want to sacrifice for years. What they look for in particular is the first born son. What all these sons have in common was that all of their mothers died giving birth. The demons watch over as they grow into an adult and once they turn 18, the demons make their move. Watching this movie I noticed there was a lot of side humor between the characters and it balanced the audiences reactions between laughing and being scared, which was pretty cool. I thought it makes it easier to watch for people who don’t enjoy scary movies.

Everybody who’s seen all the Paranormal Activity movies know that sometimes throughout the whole movie the scary scenes progress kinda slow, but not with this one. Once Jesse(Jacobs) finds a strange bite on his arm after going into Anna(Sandoval)’s apartment, he’s told by his friend Oscar(Pratts) that he’s been marked as well and they’re one in the same. The 3 friends quickly realize that they’re dealing with the supernatural. At first it’s all fun and games until the demon slowly starts eating Jesse up from the inside out and all his friends Hector and Marisol (Diaz & Walsh) can do is watch him. They turn to Oscar’s older brother Arturo leader of a local gang in town (played by Richard Cabral) after his brother takes a fatal fall. He shows them he’s been doing research and found cases across the country.

Remember Ali(played by Molly Ephraim)? Well it turns out she’s actually the daughter of Kristi. For all you who don’t know she’s the sister of Katie. She informs Hector & Marisol about why their friend was chosen and how inevitable it is for him. This movie didn’t give me a chance to drift off inbetween scenes. From the moment things went bad towards the end the movie, it had my full attention. I feel as if for this movie. Landon really wanted to tie together all loose ends and not leave us wondering “what if?” Personally, I really liked the Paranormal Activity movies to the point where I’ve been to the midnight premieres for all of them. Throughout the movie there was also a lot of side humor (small pranks, sarcastic comebacks,etc) which kept me laughing as well as jumpy. The pop up scenes were completely unexpected and had the audience jumping like crazy.

Overall, I’d say the acting was not bad at all. The first person shooting does get pretty old after awhile, tho this movies been getting quite a buzz online. You can clearly see why all the Paranormal movies get big buzzes once they release. This last one really is the cherry on top of the series. To me, the craziest scene was when one night before Jesse is completely taken over by the demon his 2 friends and his grandmother try to bless him with good energy and the demon takes over him and he grabs her hand and completely breaks 2 fingers. After that, the demon seems to be in control and the lights go out. Hectors holding the camera so he turns on the night vision and looks around the room quickly and notices that Jesse’s gone, so they search the whole house for him and he’s nowhere to be found then the cameras focused in a corner of the living room all of the sudden he just appears out of nowhere floating midair and gets dropped onto the coffee table. There was just so much suspense in that one scene alone I was on the edge of my seat dying to know what happens next.
What’s cool about this movie is that you didn’t need to see the 4th one. This movie really ties in with the 1st one the most so if you haven’t I suggest you should before you see this! This movie was really good from the story line, to the pop up scenes, and also the fact that this story goes even deeper than we thought. I recommend this movie to anybody who loves a good scary movie. It’s even better if you’ve been following the other Paranormal movies as well. I rank this movie a 8/10.



One thought on “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones review by Jayson Perez.

  1. This is a really good review! As someone who hasn’t seen this movie yet though, I’d like to know why it was rated an 8/10? I mean that’s a pretty high number over all, but I personally didn’t like 2nd one too much because it seemed less suspenseful.

    How you explained it though made this and the first one really comparable, so if it’s just as good….I’ll consider seeing it lol.

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