New Wolf of Wall Street clip featuring Jonah Hill. Also Martin Scorsese comments on running time.

This film should have all the right ingredients to make it a classic. You have Martin Scorsese directing and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill starring. The three of them sat down with THR to discuss the film. The original cut was 4 hours and was cut down to 2 hours and 59 minutes. When asked about a possible “director’s cut”, Scorsese had this to say:

“No, not really. That talk about these “director cuts” — it doesn’t really [apply]. In the old days, if the [studio] took the film away from you and they made a cut and there was a director’s cut here and somebody found it — that’s a director’s cut. But a longer cut is a longer cut. There’s a couple of lines of dialogue I would’ve liked to put back in. [But it’s been] quite an experience putting this together in the editing room. For the past five weeks now, it’s been day and night, seven days a week, mixing, cutting, re-cutting.”

Also a new clip from the film was released today that has DiCaprio and Hill talking about how much money DiCaprio’s character makes. I am sure excited for the film!

The Wolf of Wall Street will be released on December 25, 2013.



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