Why 3D movies suck.

Honestly, 3D movies are a waste of money. The main reason 3D movies are made, so movie studios can take more money from us consumers. Just because Avatar was such a big hit, EVERY studio is trying to capitalize on the cash grab. Most of these movies aren’t even filmed in 3D to begin with. The only movies i would watch, IF i was to even watch them, would be movies FILMED IN 3D. Most movies that you think are filmed in 3D actually aren’t. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, all those have been CONVERTED to 3D. Let’s be honest, when you watched those movies in 3D, there was nothing amazing about it. The movies itself are good, but the 3D did nothing to make the experience any better. For the record, 3D made Jackass 3 WAY BETTER. If you’re paying an extra $5 more for watching a film in 3D, shouldn’t that mean you should enjoy it more? If only that was the case. It’s already bad enough that when the movie comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray, you pay $20-$25 to own it. Movie tickets nowadays are $10, throw in the 3D and you’re paying $15. Not including all the snacks you pay for. You are pretty much paying extra for a movie experience that isn’t worth it at all. We should stop 3D movies, and just film more in IMAX.  This is simply my opinion. If you love 3D movies, good for you.


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