SPOILER: Possible description of after credit scene from The Wolverine?



Ok still with me? CBM(Comic Book Movie) goes into detail describing the post credit scene and how it will tie into X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here is the description:

Wolverine is walking through an airport two years after the events of the movie and all the metal detectors start going haywire with paper clips and shit flying everywhere. He turns around to find Ian McKellen’s Magneto standing there. Magneto warns him of an enemy looking to destroy Mutants by building machines (this is directly following a Trask reference so it’s probably Sentinels) and asks Wolverine to join him in defending his kind. Wolverine says no and asks why he should even consider it, when all the police and civilians gathered around them freeze and Patrick Stewart as Prof X wheels into frame and says something generic. Cue credits.

The Wolverine will be released July 26, 2013.

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