Jurassic Park 4 director Colin Trevorrow speaks


I honestly don’t know anybody who is not a fan of Jurassic Park. Hell, even the ride at Universal Studios is even great. Jurassic Park 4 has been nothing but a rumor for the past 10 years. Until last month. The logo debuted WITH a 2015 release date. Also Universal Pictures confirmed Colin Trevorrow will be directing.

Colin Trevorrow spoke with Schmoes Know about the upcoming film:

“It’s incredible to have Steven, who’s done this for decades and has such an incredible filmic knowledge and just understands the language of the story in a way that for us is very refreshing. It’s not like getting notes from a studio executive, it’s really just trying to crack this and make it the best it can be.”

“We are very aware of how much a certain generation especially cares about this movie and we talk about it all the time and really the conversation is: It’s not about us, it’s not about our careers, it’s – how do we make something that can stand with the first one.”

Jurassic Park 4 is set for a 2015 release.



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